say it isn’t so!

Brad called AQHA to find out what was taking so long with Harmony’s papers – and they told him they can’t register her….what?!!

He was told her registered Dam never had DNA done on her, so they are unable to verify Harmony was her foal. I know what you are thinking, get DNA done on the Dam – one slight problem she’s dead. They suggested doing postmortem DNA if we know where she is buried. I’m pretty sure I was told she died on the farm we bought Harmony from, and is buried there. We will have our daughter ask, but it’s not likely to be an option – not to mention it’s a bit extreme.
AQHA did some searching through their records, and apparently Kelkees Plain Jane (the Dam) didn’t have enough foals to gather enough samples from, to compare verification with Harmony’s. Can you believe it? I can’t. This just furthers my deep-rooted disappointment in the stables we bought Harmony from…we now own an expensive grade mare. Not that owning a grade mare is a bad thing, it’s just not what we were told/payed/planned for. As I've said before, the horse is loved the same with or without papers. It's just very dissapointing. Our daughter hoped to show Harmony on the QH circuit some day…this is where I edit my negative comments. Moral of this story – don’t believe every “we’ve got paper’s, they can be registered…yada-yada-yada” as a selling point, it might not be true. In this case, it isn’t.


Jeni said...

Now that sucks both accounts -- AQHA AND the previous owner's dishonesty.

aurora said...

Yes, it does. S25 dollars when they are foaled saves a lot of headaches and expense down the road. It's not over yet, but I doubt we are going to try to jump through all the additional obstacles AQHA requires. The odds are stacked against us.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh, that is bad news.
I hope that something else can be worked out through this...though the QH circuit may not...Other venues will.
If you love your horse, sometimes the details like that become unimportant.

aurora said...

I'm sure our daughter will continue to show Harmony locally. She just wouldn't be able to go to the next level with her - which is a shame. Harmony does really well for her girl. There are much worse things. We still have a happy healthy horse :)