koda update

Koda is still very lame. In the pasture & barn. He is just not his happy go lucky self.

 4/23/23 (14 sec) 

I promised my boy we would get him some help. 

It pains me to walk him into the barn at night, and I am not the one in pain. There are days Koda's steps are taken almost on his front toes.

We walk slowly in hand.

The day I spoke with the vet about this, the weather had turned cold. Imagine my surprise when we called our horses in that evening to see Koda come barreling up the to gate. Of course! If that is all it takes, we will just call our vet when our horses come up lame. If only it was that easy! 

4/19/23 (21 sec)

Koda always wants to come in first. You know, someone might eat his hay! Even tho our horses have hay 24/7 even when the grass comes up. I worry about Koda (actually all of them) with the gate craze that frequently happens when we bring horses in.

Koda showed improvement for the first time in a long time. It didn't last.

Our vet came out yesterday and did lameness blocking on Koda. Disinfect. Inject. Wait. Observe. Decide. If there is enough improvement, they stop blocking (numbing). If not, they continue the process and block higher. 

They started with his heel. Koda was incredibly well behaved! The vet & tech both commented on it. Even when the second shot in coffin bone area was given. Our vet said it can hurt and told the tech to watch herself. "There are a lot of nerve endings. It would be like getting a shot at the base of your fingernail" Ouch! 

That is where we stopped the blocking. Koda showed about 85% improvement at a jog.

After the first shot, he mentioned the lack of improvement showed this is unlikely related to his early stage Navicular. Our vet thinks perhaps it could be a ligament in the coffin bone area. To be sure what (if anything) can be done he suggested the next step. An MRI.

Expensive? Yes. Definitive answer? Yes. Or at least we hope yes. We know horses that have had MRI's and come back with unclear results and therefore no answers. No hesitation from us, we have to try. I can't just leave him like this. We will be hauling Koda to a clinic with MRI equipment and equine specialists, a little over an hour away.

Koda is a very sweet guy (when he isn't acting like a naughty little kid). The funniest moment of the appointment was when Koda was giving the tech a back massage, and she was all in lol!




This isn't about riding anymore, it is about Koda's comfort.


TeresaA said...

I am so sorry. I know that feeling of needing to fix their pain. I really hope you find out what is going on!

Shirley said...

It's awful when they are hurting and you don't know why. I hope you get some answers soon and a treatment plan that works.
Beamer's arthritis is getting worse. As you can see in the photos I posted for Wordless Wednesday his knees are getting pretty big. Cantalope size on one and grapefruit on the other. Watching him walk he has to lift that shoulder to bring his leg forward. Makes me wanna cry because I know I can't let him get to the point where he is just miserable, but so far he's a happy horse.

Linda said...

I hope you get answers soon. I bet you will!! And I hope it’s something that can be fixed or helped. You’re on the right path!

Val Ewing said...

I sure hope they find a solution for Koda so he won't be in pain. Is corrective shoeing a possibility?

I know how hard this is on you.

aurora said...

Thanks all <3 I know you can relate. With your own beloved equine.

Koda (and Nemo) turned 16 on April 23 & 24th respectively. 16!! How is that is even possible?! They became part of our family when they were yearlings.

Between the early years of waiting, our trail accidents and our big building years. Koda has not been ridden more than he has. It makes me sad when I think about it. We have always been restarting. As I've said before, there is no horse I would rather ride! We are familiar and his lope feels like riding on a cloud.

We committed to Koda's care for life. I look forward to finding out what we can. As our vet said, we will find out what level of comfort can be expected for him. There is hope.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope the MRI gives you the answers you need to correct or manage the problem! Think positive!

Val Ewing said...

Awwww. Happy 16th Koda. I know you care for him and love him. That is why you are so fantastic!