build-a-barn ~ inside shift

After a much needed Winter break from our complex homestead project, we are back at it. Trying to finish up loose ends. Key word, trying. Both Brad and I are good at starting projects, finishing them not as much. We just keep chipping away, eventually things are completed. Here are some of those "chipped at" things:

The remaining Tack Room boards went up & got oiled...

Brad hung a sturdy wood shelf he built.
We may add a couple more on the same wall. Trying one out first. 
We decided on a swing rack for pads & blankets.

I don't care for the color but with more to hang, it will get covered. 
Sorting, so much sorting...
Jameson & Tank think our tack room looks oddly spacious, for now.

Tack room stuff had to get moved out to work on the walls.
See it temporarily in the barn aisle awaiting placement, hooks etc 
SO many decisions to be made...
Wash Stall has mats and a handy dandy shelf now. The garden hose is temporary. We use the wash area for a lot more then horses!
Our Saloon is almost completely trimmed. Almost. Next on this room to-do list is figuring out some type of counter, a refrigerator etc Not sure why we are calling it a Saloon. Hmmm? Maybe it will feel more fitting once it's done and there are a thing or two on the walls, and in the refrigerator. I am not into decorating, it's going to be a stretch. Won't have problems filling/emptying the refrigerator ;)

Saloon to date
Mechanical room door in Saloon
Our Barn Bathroom still needs light fixtures, sigh. We can't hang the mirror without vanity lights. I haven't been able to find anything simple that goes together, for both ceiling and vanity. I must be the pickiest person alive. Brad will be nodding his head when he reads this!!

Barn bathroom to date
No doubt I am forgetting other things that have been done since 2018 barn update. We are close to being done, and yet so far away. Inside work is on stand-by, for a rainy day. When WI weather improves, the inside work shifts to the outside. Outside update to come. Until then I hope everyone enjoys what is left of Spring, for too soon it will be Summer!


Linda said...

Simply amazing barn. It should be highlighted in a magazine for the whole world to see. Being picky is why it has turned out as special as it has. Every detail--doors, floors, fixtures, ....amazing.

Shirley said...

I agree, amazing barn- lucky you having to make decorating decisions! I can think of a certain photographer who takes amazing photos that could be appropriately framed and hung in the saloon!!!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Everything looks great! You'll finish it all eventually, when you find just the right thing you're looking for you'll know it. It pays to not rush things until you're happy with every improvement.

C-ingspots said...

Everything is gorgeous! Heck, it's so nice I could live there. Yes, what Shirley said...take some pictures!!

Vickie said...

Your barn and arena are AMAZING! :)