barn related updates ~ build-a-barn

Most of you were along for the ride, when we started building our barn in 2016. If not, the process is detailed here. There are things from our original plans that still need/ed to be added. In addition, barn improvements become apparent with use. It is part of the nature of the beast.

The reality is, our homestead will always a work in progress.

For starters, we finally picked out and purchased a long awaited barn refrigerator. It fits just right in the designated Saloon spot. No more walking back to the house because Brad forgot to grab Nemo's allergy shot. It also provides a little extra freezer space for frozen garden produce etc. The water dispenser is not hooked up, yet. Our water needs to be filtered. Brad drinks more water than anyone I've ever seen in my life. It will be put to good use, especially on hot muggy days. 

Brad continues improving air circulation in our barn. Our Big Ass fans do a wonderful job of moving air. They run 24/7/365 days. In the Winter, when the barn is closed up the fans are set super low. We didn't have stagnant air, but we didn't have fresh air circulating either. We all know what active barns that are closed up smell like. My smart hubby consulted and figured out a system to pull warmer air from the attic into the barn and push stale cooler barn air out. During warmer months, the system works in reverse to pull/push fresh cooler evening air.

interior/exterior wall fan

It was a little painful to see Brad cutting a large hole in the barn wall, but farms are not about looks. They are about functionality. This new ventilation system will improve the air quality and temperature for our animals, and us.

box of louvers (by ceiling)

Directly above the louvers is another taller set of boxed louvers in the attic. 

temperature control system

Our electricians hooked up the automatic temperature control system the week of Brad's staycation. It can be adjusted manually.

That same week, Brad poured a manure pit entrance pad. He worked hard pre/post, with only one helper the day of the concrete pour. Just incase you are wondering, I always offer to help with all of our projects.

Tank inspecting Brad's work

(Skewed photo angle, makes pad look really big and pit tiny.)

We clean stalls and take manure to the pit daily. Regardless of how carefully you make a Y turn getting in/out of the pit, the bobcat digs a big 'ol hole in the soft ground. Brad had to fix that area frequently.

enroute yesterday

As you can see, Winter has also arrived for us. There is another special outdoor project that was worked on during staycation, unrelated to the barn. I will post about that project, when it is closer to completion. Thankfully our ground hasn't frozen. Yet. 


Shirley said...

You guys have an amazing barn. Brad and Ted would probably get along great, always seeking perfection and doing things right.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great improvement to your arena! Lots of work!

Val Ewing said...

Wow! That is some project and well thought out.

Yes, those skid steers do make holes in the ground which is one reason I don't care for them except when it is frozen out. But hey, I don't like big machinery any way.

Another project in the works? Awesome. Can't wait to hear about it.

Linda said...

Your horses are very blessed. I wish I had a way to control the temperature. It sure would make life easier for our elder equines. Brad is very talented. I assumed you helped with chores. You don’t come off as a slacker! ­čśé

Grey Horse Matters said...

All your hard work and innovations are nothing short of amazing. You and Brad are always finding ways to improve life around the farm! Can’t wait to see the new finished project­čśŐ