road to recovery

July 30th seems like such a long time ago, and yet it feels like yesterday. I am reminded of our accident daily. I don't dwell on it, and yet with most every movement it's impossible to not be reminded of how quickly life changes. With one wrong step.

Fall always finds me pensive, more so then any other seasonal change. This year is no different, and perhaps magnified. Everything is chaotic and everything is unfinished, in every area of my life. At least it feels that way. SO what's a person to do? You do whatever you can, and then a little more. The rest lays dormant, much like the plants and trees will soon be.

You can't change the past. I for one, don't want to. It makes me who I am. What I can do is devote myself to what matters, today. The most important thing I can do is spend time healing our injuries, the best way I can. It's the path to being able to do all the other things that matter, tomorrow.

Koda remains on full day turnout, with no leg wrap. Late afternoon his wound is rinsed, wiped and a light wrap with antibiotic ointment is applied. We are starting week four of his rehab riding, we are up to 12 minutes of walking a couple times a week. Ideally it would be 3X. I figure between a couple rides, turn out, galloping to the gate, hand walking to/from, he is getting enough movement. I hope. Koda's wound is very close to being healed. Once it is, they suggest one last recheck. Glad to be nearing the end, it's been a pricey ordeal. 

As for me, my doctor sent me for Xrays, and MRI's. Two Orthopedic doctors later, resulted in polar opposite opinions. I am also on the road to recovery. I think. Strangest outcome I've ever experienced. Is some of my Rotator Cuff completely separated? or torn? Jury is still out. Because of the varied opinions, I have a third Orthopedic doc appointment at the end of the month. What everyone does agree on is unlocking my (almost) frozen shoulder. I had my first steroid shot, which I am happy to report allowed me to sleep, lying down! The root of the pain remains, and when moved in the wrong direction finds me either fighting swear words or tears. But the constant evening dull ache/throbbing is gone. Yay! I started seeing an Athletic Trainer (similar to PT) and came home with 14 less then fun exercises from my first appointment (not counting variations).

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(October 2014)
This year we will go on another horseless trail riding vacation. Sigh. It's never the same without our horses, but we are going regardless. We haven't taken any vacations since last Fall, and really need a break! The road to recovery can be a long, and painful path. But it's one well worth taking. 


Anonymous said...

Your honesty is compelling - thank you.

Very glad Koda is improving - there's light at the end of the tunnel.

I had a rotator cuff injury a number of years ago and physical therapy was extremely helpful. Stick with it!

aurora said...

Thank you Kate. Life's realities become very real when we are going through hard times. I am doing my best to stick to the PT regimen.

Linda said...

I'm so sorry this trial has been placed in your path. We all have them from time to time--different, but the same in many ways, too. Memories can be debilitating in their own right. I have images of my trainer coming off Bee, and it shakes me to my core when I think of riding her myself. I know it's not Bee's fault. It was too much for her that night. An error of human judgement. Circumstance. I will have to grab hold of my mind and teach it to see a different movie. Taking these small steps back with Bee--building confidence in myself and her building confidence in herself--will help to get there. You may need those small steps back, as well. Enjoy your vacation and stay strong through this season of undone and undoing. Done and doing are just around the corner!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Good to hear Koda is improving. I hope someone can help with your shoulder definitively soon. We all have setbacks but we manage to live through them and move on to better days. Stick with the therapy and I'm sure you'll see improvement. We all feel down sometimes, I know I do, and I just give myself a kick in the butt and tell myself to look at all the wonderful things I have and try not to dwell on the other things making me crazy. Hang in there.

aurora said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement! You guys are sweet. I didn't mean to sound like a Debbie Downer. I was just keeping it real. I'll share some sunshine soon!

C-ingspots said...

Very happy to hear of Koda's improvement, but sorry to hear of your painful condition. Injuries are never any fun, and challenge our patience and our diligence during recovery. I know it's a major pain to keep up the exercises, but doing so will reap great rewards. At least that's been my personal experience. I curse each and every one, but do my grumpy best and it pays off. I can so relate to what you're going through. :( Hang in there, and before you know it, you'll be back! You can do it!

Ahh yes, vacations. We're heading off on our first one since last fall (other than my stayca) as well...where does the time go? For one reason or another, we have not ridden hardly at all this year. Too much going on, and just too bloody hot for riding left us wanting and with regrets. But, it is what it is. We're renting a cabin alongside a river just 3 miles inland from the beach. We plan on relaxing, exploring, walking with the dogs, eating and reading. I am really looking forward to it, but we always miss not having the horses as well. I hope you and Brad have a wonderful trip, and just focus on enjoying your time away from all your busyness.

Mrs Shoes said...

I say don't fight the swear words (unless there are children around). Let them FLY!!!