Sunday Sights

Sunday was a good, but long anticipated hard day. It was my first Mothers Day, without my mom.

Mom's tree & inscribed Bench

I wrote my mom a long two-sided letter in Spanish. I haven't written any letters, especially in Spanish, in what feels like forever.

After folding my
heartfelt letter, I sealed it with a small heart cut out of red Mulberry fiber paper. She loved mulberries. We had them growing in our yard.

The same red fiber paper was used to wrap and line a small cardboard box, to hold some of her cremains.

Two ribbons adorned the box. One translucent red, the other a bright 
accent yellow. The colors of Spain. Her beloved home country.

 bloom cut from the orchid she gave me, was added to the box topShe loved orchids. A similar orchid is laser cut into her bench, along with her favorite bird. Cardinals. 

I cut out paper heart shapes for the grandkids to color. Our younger daughter decorated her own. We planted my letter, their heart shapes and my mom, along with her memorial tree.

Crab Apple Tree "Showtime"

Everyone pitched in and helped fill in the dirt. 
I truly hope this special tree thrives for many years.

My moms bench was a surprise for all our kids. We unwrapped it together.

Brad suggested a great location, it overlooks our property and allows us to put the tree and bench together. He worked hard at clearing the area of scrub trees, piled up dirt and remaining junk. Left behind from previous landowners. There is more to be done. I will post a finished photo in the future.

We plan to pour a concrete base and secure the bench, add a few more trees/pines/shrubs and finish landscaping. The area looks SO much better already. I look forward to peacefully enjoying the beautiful landscape, sunsets and clear night sky views. With my mom in mind & heart.


A couple Winery sights from last week:

walking through the wine cellar for more wine tasting & cheese pairing

I thought of Shirley when I saw the largest Helleborus I've ever seen (it went up to my knee).

Mine never looked anywhere close to this pretty and healthy.

At the winery I learned if storing their full bodied red bottle of wine over 3-5 years, it should be opened and allowed to rest for a couple hours. I mentioned an old bottle of wine I have. My friend suggested opening it on Sunday, in honor of my mom. What an absolutely PERFECT and meaningful idea!! 

My oldest daughter and I shared the bottle. I opened it a couple hours prior. No one else in our family drinks red. They thought we were crazy. Much to our surprise, the wine was delicious! Tasted exactly like the table wine my grandmother served with every evening meal. I think my Aunt gave us this bottle, when she came to visit around 1988. Notice the little attached bull decor.

34 year old Spanish wine


Last but not least, some not Sunday bird sights:

Yellow-rumped Warbler

No photos (yet) from this years Hummers, Orioles & Whippoorwills, but they are back!! 

Yellow Warbler


Far Side of Fifty said...

Aww the bench and flowering tree are just perfect, what a great way to honor your Mom on Mother's Day, I bet it would have made her smile.
That Yellow Warbler is a beauty we don't see any that color here! We do have the Butter Butts !! They are so cute!

Val Ewing said...

That bench looks beautiful in the spot with that tree. What a wonderful way to honor your mom.
Having a bench like that where you can sit and watch sunsets 'with your mom' in your heart!

Grey Horse Matters said...

The bench and tree are a wonderful way to honor your mom. I’m sure she’ll be watching over you and enjoying the sunsets and scenery with you.

Shirley said...

What a beautiful way to pay tribute to your mom. You should have many peaceful moments on that bench.
What a lovely heleborus! Mine is a pale green/white flower.
I'm a red wine drinker too; never had one that old though. Sangre De Toro- I will have to look for the more modern version of it.