from april to august

I try not to let weather rule my world. When we go from a cold April, to record setting hot humid sticky yucky buggy windy sweltering unbearable heat overnight ~ it does.

This icky weather resembles our August weather.

We WI folk are hardy and very used to weather swings. It is part of what makes 
living here so interesting. We get to experience a little bit of most everything, many times in the same day. This weather swing came on fast. It is extreme, extended and our bodies are simply not acclimated to it. Yet.

I am trying to catch up with Mother Nature. I was waiting for it to warm up 
to garden...now everyone is scrambling. Farmers included.

What's a cold weather girl suppose to do?

Turn on the air. Get outside earlier. Stay hydrated. Garden in the shade, if possible ~ and ~ think snow.



Shirley said...

Beautiful snowflakes!
I am a moderate weather person- not a fan of really cold or really hot.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hate the heat too. I am not looking forward to it and like you said if the change is sudden it is the pits because we are not used to it. A gradual warm up is what I like...:)