two things for sure

We made it through an unseasonably hot week of record high temps (and some highest lows) set every day. Nothing compared to what some are dealing with in their respective worlds.

Our Spring to-do list is ridiculous.

It was hard to get much done last week. This upcoming week is catch up time. I am beginning to think the work will ever end. We are back to just talking about riding, biking, hiking and working on our property. Sighhh.

One thing for sure, we will never be bored. Maybe two things for sure. Our animals are spoiled.

I went outside last night right before the weather breaking thunderstorm hit, hoping to find Leo.

He usually comes in when the horses do, but not last night. Leo can't let himself inside the barn. Our cat door doesn't work for him because he is chipped too far back. I called & he came screaming and running towards me. The rain started to pelt us. I let him in the barn and "ran" back to the house, while quarter sized hail formed and covered the ground. 

We don't have to ask twice for the horses to come inside. Our barn stays cool.

The dogs still get their daily wooded walks, come heat or high water. Leo hasn't been tagging along lately. It is too hot for him.

Granddog Remi requires shorter walks, earlier and with longer breaks

What Leo thinks of hot weather


Linda said...

Share a little of that warmth with us! We are having extended winter weather. Usually, you’re safe to put your flowers out by Mother’s Day, or a week before, but this year it has been too cold. Maybe after today or will be okay. The only upside to our situation is that it has slowed down the flies and mosquitoes. I’d switch places with you if your temps aren’t too high. What was your hottest day?

Glad you found Leo! That would have been scary for him.

Spring to do lists here, too, but first we need to be convinced spring has arrived.

Shirley said...

Oh Leo, I can just picture him high tailing it to you and the safety of the barn.
I bet you took hail pics :o)

aurora said...

If only I could share some of our warmth with you Linda! Our temps were in the mid to upper 90's last week. Plus high humidity. The strong hot winds dried everything out even more. One day we had sand storms taller than the pines, kicking up from our outdoor arena. I think the hottest day in our area was 97F or 98. Not unusual in August, but it sure is in May. A very abrupt change after such cool Spring weather.

Yea, Leo was scared. He couldn't get to me fast enough.

The hail melted as soon as it covered the hot ground. I got soaked and ducked inside right after it started. The hail was gone before I could even think about taking photos. It would have been fun to shoot!

Val Ewing said...

The weather was crazy wasn't it? HOT. Humid. Ick. I melted more than once, well not literally.
Cold wet spring into hot hot spring and now back to normal or something?

Our...my...list to do's is long too.

Linda said...

Whoa! That is hot. Don’t share 90’s with us. Maybe 70’s. Last June we had temps up to 109 here. That’s a record in any month, and it dried out our fields. We were short on hay. I do not want a repeat. I’m sorry you guys are experiencing it.

Grey Horse Matters said...

That's way too hot for this time of year. We had very cold windy days in the 30's-40's a week ago. We were wearing our winter coats. This week it's up to near 90 some days. Now its calmed down to the high 70's which is better. I'm getting tired of dealing with the ups and downs. I think a picture of me would mirror Leo.

Glad Leo found you in time. I'm sure he would have been scared out there by himself.

We have such a long list of Spring projects but its starting to get done. Unfortunately, there's so much to do I haven't been able to ride yet. Guess we'll all have to hang in there.