waterfowl weather

I have been lacking motivation this week. Drudging through the repetitive stuff I do day in and day out. I think my motivation is hanging out with the sun. Wherever that is.

When Brad received a message from a friend, who took the time to make sure I knew there was a flock of pelicans near his home ~ you pack up your rainy day gear and go look for them. Even if it's gray. Even if it might be raining. And even, if the pelicans might be gone.

It wasn't raining when I left home. The closer I got to my location, the foggier it got. Then the drizzle started. I thought to myself, what am I doing driving curvy wet roads in the fog? 

Drizzly foggy photos are noisy. Great for moody landscape type shots. Not so great when you strive for clear action photos. I always told portrait clients, photos reflect the weather. I can't figure out why no one would take me up on rainy day portrait sessions. I love shooting people interactions in the rain! 

I have taken photos at this busy location before. There are a lot of wires, telephone poles, signs - and vehicles to work around. When I arrived, I found surround sound grayness. It was waterfowl weather.

A few other vehicles had pulled over on the well known county highway grade to watch the water activity. A large flock of pelicans were sleeping in  a circle, with heads tucked under their wings. Peacefully floating, way off in the distance. I turned off my truck. Cranked the window, listened and watched the water activity.

There were gulls (always) dipping & diving, and many different ducks. With the drizzly fog it was hard to distinguish them. I was so bummed I forgot our binoculars!! I really need to get a pair of binocs to leave in my truck.

The intermittent serenity was enjoyable. It didn't take long for waterfowl to come within reach of my camera. I found a duck to add to my ebird list:

Northern Shoveler

There were a few pelicans flying around, and one floating off/on closer to the road. Pelicans are slower and therefore easier to photograph than some other bigger birds. I really want to capture a pelican with a fish, someday. With good light and the right angle, their big orange bill is see through. Goals!

My favorite rainy day floating photo of the day:

American Pelican



Shirley said...

Rainy foggy days can be quite peaceful because of the way it muffles sound.
Pelicans are such an odd looking bird, not graceful like swans and geese. They almost look unbalanced with their big beaks.

threecollie said...

Oh how awesome! Pelicans here make the statewide rare bird alert and bring birders scurrying all the way from NYC. Isn't it ironic that the worse the weather is for bird photography, the closer and calmer the birds are. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

Linda said...

What lovely photos. I'm so glad the birds beckoned you outside and into nature. It's a double and triple bonus. The times we don't feel like getting out are usually when we most need to.

Val Ewing said...

You know I love foggy days! But I am strange anyway. This was the perfect way to spend time enjoying bird watching! I'm jealous of the birds you are finding.

I'll be out by the Mississippi on Tuesday, so hopefully I can see some waterfowl!

I love how you described this, full of peace and serenity.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I enjoyed seeing your photos!