natures compositions

Something has become very apparent to me this Summer, Nature's compositions.

I wish I could stop and study them, there are no doubt lessons to be learned. However, these days it's click and go before the mosquitoes/flies carry you away -or- the dogs (better said dog, cough cough, Jameson) attempt to sneak off our property. Not to mention between my non-stop watery allergy eyes and humidity induced sweat, it is best to keep going. So, I do. But not before a quick phone shot of what catches my eye, that nature so eloquently created. The woods are very quiet these days, not much is changing. Or is it?

Notice the placement. Colors. Different textures. The light!! 
The combination of elements. How things landed. Together, or not. It all makes me wonder...

July 14-15

fancy like

there are skulls among us

August 12

I was so thrilled to find just one of these in July

who knew Golf Balls commonly grow everywhere here in August

natures diorama has a little bit of everything

August 13

August 18

screenshot :/

(accidentally took 1 sec video, too bad this stopped me in my tracks)

August 19

August 21

August 29

the moon is not always in the sky

size (and color) of a pencil eraser

August 30

perhaps my favorite Summer nature composition

the huge steel blue leaf was stunning in person

None of these compositions/photos were staged or altered. I did crop a few shots, most are as taken. My shots are not all that, but nature sure is. It has much to teach us about life. No need to move things around, add photo effects or change values. Nature alters everything, all on its own...


Far Side of Fifty said...

I saw some fungi when I was out mowing...always interesting!

Shirley said...

Lots of eye catchers there! Nature always delights.
Those Skullz are creepy!

Grey Horse Matters said...

All interesting shots. Nature never disappoints and we need to appreciate all that’s around us everyday. It’s always changing.

Val Ewing said...

There are so many beautiful things nature does provide for us to admire. Interesting too is the very different soil you have which has so many wonderful fungi!
Those bugs! Nasty!
Great post, thanks for sharing your walks!

Linda said...

Nature is the best art. Hard to capture its beauty, but you have some special compositions that do just that.