sunday stills ~ summer

I was unsure what photos to dew, for a theme with endless options. SO many things remind me of summer! Flowers, sunsets, fog, fresh veggies, open water ~ the list goes on and on. In the summer, morning dew is guaranteed to soak my hikers and our dogs.

droplet covered web

purple heart

jameson loves the dew

more sunday stills ~ summer


Shirley said...

Hahaha clever! At first I thought dew was a typo!
Love a happy dog.

Val Ewing said...

Love how Jameson is caught rolling in the grass! And of course, summer dew...it is the best.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Nice dew! :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

You dew, dew wonderful. Love them all!

Linda said...

I miss dew. It looks like beautiful summer back your way.

threecollie said...

How lovely!