different days

Heat. Humidity. Storms. Hardly different. Unless you have not had storms for a while and they show up full force. In what feels like an endless string. Tomorrow they are predicting heat indices of 108F ~ ugh!! So far today, it has been raining stupid hard. Nonstop for hours. There will no doubt be local flooding. 

wish I could send some of this rain out West

Harmony was ouchie off/on for a few days last week. We found no heat, or sign of an abscess. She is prone to them, especially when barefoot. Our old girl is a very intuitive self regulator and does much better turned out.

I happened to be standing right next to the shed when the horses came running up Friday. Multiple horse flies were after them. The %#$@ flies are just awful this year!! I can hardly tolerate the gazillion black biting ones. I watched Harmony come up last, slower than normal. She seemed to be moving okay. 
Although, after she reached down towards her rear left foot (as if to itch a fly) she didn't want to put that foot back down flat. Ruh Roh. Harmony was obviously in pain, hobbling on her hoof tip. I messaged Brad & our daughter, then brought her in. Poor girl. She hobbled uphill to the barn, with nostrils flaring. I could tell Harmony was in pain, just by the expression on her face. She was not happy with me bringing her in.

Our daughter is good with equine care, especially with Harmony's history. It is nice having her home when problems arise. Harmony seemed to calm down after getting a bath and some attention from her girl. We stalled her the rest of the weekend, with hand walks/grazing.

Harmony is better, and bearing weight on her left rear. The little walking she has done appears normal. This may or may not have resolved itself. With the endless rain, we have yet to turn her out and see how she really is. I worry about turning her out with unfavorable conditions. Lately the herd comes barreling up to the shed willy-nilly, multiple times a day. As you can see in the above video, our dry lot is far from dry.

Nemo and Cierra frequently called to her throughout the weekend. After a brief turnout, Koda chose to stay inside next to her on Saturday. 
I offered turnout three more times. He clearly wanted to stay in until Sunday. Hmm, very different. However, Koda was content with his decision. I would like to think he stayed in to keep Harmony company, but it was more likely about the weather/flies and perhaps getting a break from Nemo's incessant herding. 

Koda & Harmony water cooler talk

All day Saturday, the other two horses wanted to come in and out. Sheez. I pretty much cleaned stalls off/on all day lol. If we left them out, all hell would break loose. If we brought them in, we would not get a drop. We don't normally cater to our herds every whim, but the weather threat was real.

Sunday's weather was a little better, by nighttime we were back to storms. Much to Harmony's unhappiness the rest of the herd stayed out all Sunday. It was a different weekend. We watched for inclement weather, and for signs. 


Shirley said...

Weather certainly has been the major concern for everyone this year. Harmony may have had a small abscess that relieved itself. Muddy conditions can be a factor in abscesses- and thrush.
We finally got some rain the last two days- not much but enough to soak into the thirsty ground and get rid of a lot of smoke. Hopefully it will help with fire control too. My brother who lives near Kamloops (big fires up that way) has been on evacuation alert off and on all summer, Very stressful.

Far Side of Fifty said...

WE could use some rain, maybe tonight they say. Hope the hoof problem resolves itself with rest :)

Val Ewing said...

I sure hope Harmony feels better! I cater to my equine too. It is a sign of a good owner.
Last night we got dumped on yet it all ran down and soaked into the parched soil.

Yep, tomorrow is going to be miserable.

Linda said...

The flies are horrible here, too. Fly spray doesn’t even seem to stop them. We had a grumpy herd today, and lots of shenanigans when we worked with them. They’re just miserable with heat and biting flies. I am so sorry you’re getting such hot days. I wish I could make it go away. We have a nice 79 degrees here right now, but then back up to 100. Enjoy it while we can!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

We cater to our herd too. Hope if Harmony had an abscess it resolved itself. The flies are awful here too. And the weather is miserable as well. I think this is one of the worst summers I can remember. We’ll all have to hang in there for a few more weeks until Fall.