wings that caught my eye

Butterflies are amazing!! End of post. Ha, not even close. 

I have been watching for flutterby's throughout the summer. Earlier in the season, they flew fast and high. Monarchs and Swallowtails in particular were close to impossible to photograph. Bring on the challenge!

In July, butterflies seem to be everywhere on our property. Eventually, they began to land more often and fly lower. N
umbers have dwindled in August, but they are still around. Here are some wings that caught my eye, not all butterflies: 

closed wing monarch

open wing monarch

pink (tiger?) moth

very small orange butterfly 
(each set of wings was the size of a thumbnail)

"oh look, a puddle"

Red Spotted Purple, puddling along

a first (for me) really interesting find

American Ermine Moth (aka white dalmatian moth)

looks like a heart on the fuzzy head

layered wings 
& striped legs

a smaller pink moth, the size of a fingernail

such interesting tribal type markings, and those legs! 

this guy kept looking at me
while I was checking out his circle patterns

camera photo of the above friendly guy

fast moving smaller winged wonder
(barely got a phone pic)

orange winged wonder, opposite coloring of above
(kinda blurry)

white moth spotted in June

a flash of white caught my eye at the bottom of our property
(the best of my terrible long range 
pigeon shots)

prehistoric flyers
almost guaranteed to (re) appear after hay is cut

my beloved hummers love sitting on our deck wires
and keep a vigilant eye on their window feeder

Yellow Swallowtail in July

orange fritillary

a (smaller) Monarch spotted yesterday

The butterflies and moths are winding down for the summer. I truly enjoy watching their carefree ways! The Monarchs are really fond of an area at the bottom of our property. I talked Brad into leaving some of the thistles up for them. Consequently, I have a lot of photos of butterflies on thistles. Catching butterflies in flight is much harder. I almost got a clean inflight shot. Almost.

Brad had a great idea, and it sparked a future project. Easy to guess, a butterfly/wildflower garden. This will be my second one. As my younger daughters Girl Scout Troop Leader, we researched and put a butterfly garden in the Village Park many moons ago. Ours will be significantly larger. It will be a good learning process in a manageable scale, for our Prairie Area. Which may or may not ever become a restored native prairie with trails, the way I hoped. At least we can continue riding around the future butterfly garden! Will post about it when it is in action. It has to cool off first!!


Grey Horse Matters said...

They’re all beautiful. Who doesn’t love butterflies! I’ve spotted some Monarchs in the flower garden but nothing else. I also have a hummingbird who loves to feast on the hollyhocks and cone flowers. They’re amazing to watch.

Shirley said...

Some very cool winged wonders! That dalmation one is so unique.
We have had lots of butterflies here too; more than usual. They must like the heat.
Our hummers really enjoyed the red bee balm and the blue salvia. I may try for some photos but they are so quick! I can see them from my kitchen window.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great idea with a wildflower garden, I love to see Butterflies in mine, this year with no rain until today!! was hard...there are lots of Milkweed seeds out there in ditches everywhere, collect some and leave some this fall:)

aurora said...

I've noticed butterflies seem to be out flying around the most on sunny mornings. We had more swallowtails in previous years, this year a lot of Monarchs. The moths were around the barn, and not very active (probably on their way out). The markings simply amaze me. The Dalmatian moth was super duper cool!

If you love hummers, try an inexpensive easy window feeder (but please don't add red coloring, so bad for them). 1 part white sugar, 4 part water, heat until sugar dissolves (I microwave, takes less than 2 min) let cool. It brings the hummers up close, so comical and entertaining!! Our hummer pairs frequently visit most of my flowers, they especially love my salvia & fuschia's.

Linda said...

A butterfly garden, wow! That is a super cool idea and I can’t wait to see what you create. You two always go over and beyond with every project!!

Val Ewing said...

I am impressed! What great photos of flutterbys! I know they also used to hang out on my zinnias when I had them planted closer to the house. I would just sit still and get great shots of them.

Next year maybe.
You really have an eye for this. That Dalmatian moth is THE coolest!
I just got an insect book to admire, I'm going to see if I can figure out that pretty pinkish moth...very beautiful.
ALL beautiful!

threecollie said...

Love your photos! So many butterflies and moths and all so pretty! And, of course, I am tickled to see a Sandhill Crane. Rare bird around here.