dalmatian dreams

Cierra is in her 9th month of pregnancy. Her foal is now comparable to a Dalmatian


She seems to be aware that it is in her best interest to stay away from any escalating trouble in the pasture. 

As you can see, the corner of our lower pasture is under water. Again. Last years reflection photos were also taken in February, one week later. The puddle was much larger.

We are predicted to get more snow/moisture tomorrow. I may get another chance to photograph horse reflections. Maybe even with some sun kissed highlights.

Our vet comes out in two weeks for Spring care. Among other things, we hope to learn more about Brad's "stallion" 'er pregnant mare. There probably isn't a whole lot to add about her chromosome abnormality, other than "it happens". I still find the whole situation surprising.

In March we will begin to prepare for baby C, by changing things around in the barn. More to come on that next month. March is only two weeks away.

Spring 2023 will be unforgettable!!

Sweet Mama Cierra


Shirley said...

Those last 2 months of gestation are the hardest for us humans! So much anticipation and dreams!
Here's to a healthy and gorgeous foal to fulfil Brad's dreams! Yours too!
Does he have names picked out? He cam go on the AQHA website and research the availability of foal names.

aurora said...

Brad does not have names picked out, that I know of. I think he has tossed some possibilities around.

Last August I came up with three name combo's to offer up. Two for a filly, and one registered name could go either way. I may have checked if they were available on AQHA? Don't recall. Either way, I should check and give naming options more serious thought. He is really good about including me with decisions that need to be made. Of course, Brad will have final say and naming rights.

Cierra's foal will be a game changer for us! Eeeks!!!

Val Ewing said...

Love those reflection shots! I'm sure they have turned to ice today and a bit of snow on top?

Of course with our mule foals we just waited for them to tell us what their names were. We didn't have registrations to worry about. The loopholes to go through for a mule is nuts as I imagine they are for the AQHA.

I am getting excited for you guys!

aurora said...

By the end of the day I was surprised the pasture puddle was almost gone. Our sandy loam soaks water at an alarming rate.

The lingering water that covers the walking path has no doubt turned back to ice. The soft fluffy snow that is falling as I type, is making any ice hard to see.

Linda said...

Oh, she’s so beautiful! I loved my last couple of months with Cowgirl, before Epona was born. She was so receptive to pampering. I can’t wait for baby!!