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Cierra's breeder sent me a message late last year wondering why AQHA had contacted her and not Brad, to confirm Cierra's parentage. She asked "Brad is listed as current owner on Cierra's papers, right?" I was looking at her papers while I replied, yes. He transferred papers and has owned her since she was weaned in 2010. How odd.


My first post about Cierra was when we went to meet her at 7 1/2 weeks old. 

Cierra and Brad

She officially became ours after her Futurity Show on September 2010. Cierra came home with us when she was two months old.


Brad contacted AQHA to get things cleared up. He got the related paperwork filled out, completed and sent in along with Cierra's required tail hairs. 

I learned AQHA requires DNA proof on bred mares. Regardless of previous testing on file. Brad waited and waited and heard nothing from them. He finally called. They said her DNA came back that she was a stallion.

You read that right.

AQHA told Brad that 
Cierra is a stallion.

He said that was impossible. We are sure Cierra is a mare! We don't even own a stallion!!

If we are sure we didn't make a mistake on who we collected hairs from, then they would send her DNA back for additional markers (aka testing). 

I can see how this confusion might happen at large operations. Not with only four horses at home. Especially our four. The only other black tail horse we have is Koda. He is an Appaloosa and would have raised different markers. Nemo is also an Appaloosa. Harmony is a sorrel Quarter Horse, but cannot be registered

Again, Brad heard nothing. When he called AQHA to follow up, Brad got another surprise. He was told Cierra inherited a Y chromosome. What?! Females have two XX chromosomes and Males have an X and a Y chromosome. Apparently females can also have a Y chromosome. Sometimes they are sterile mares, called XY Mares. Here is a related article. This is likely not news to a breeder.

Brad received a follow up letter and test report with an overview of Cierra's results. All this, to tell us what we already know. Cierra qualifies as offspring of her parents. What we did not know is "...it appears your horse has a chromosome abnormality..."  

UC DAVIS Equine Parentage and Genetic Marker Test Report results and interpretation on Cierra:

"...based on additional testing, it appears MJK Dudes Dream Girl has inherited a piece of a Y chromosome translocated into another chromosome"

"This chromosome aberration is unlikely to affect fertility".

We plan to ask our vet about this. He is scheduled for Spring shots early March. It doesn't change anything for us or Cierra, but it sure is interesting.

(March 2022)


Val Ewing said...

Yikes, talk about confusing!
I know that registration a horse, mule, or donkey involves a lot of time and work so I can appreciate that.

How is Cierra doing? I bet you guys cannot wait for her foal to arrive.

Linda said...

Very confusing. I’ve never heard of such a thing. I’m curious to see what Shirley knows about it.

aurora said...

Val, Cierra is doing great!! She is such a sweet mare.

Linda, I am curious what Shirley has to say about all this as well.

I wonder how the abnormality might affect her baby? Especially if it is a filly. I suppose not much. I'm guessing there is a 50/50 chance the abnormality gets passed on. A non-issue, since it does not affect fertility and we are not breeders.

I don't know much about genetics. Hoping to learn more from our vet.

Shirley said...

Isn't that interesting! I have heard of that but it is quite rare. I wonder if it did indeed affect her ability to conceive with all those times you had to do.
AQHA is horrible for getting their paperwork done in a timely manner and even getting stuff mislaid or confused. There are a lot of angry people on social media complaining about how their paperwork is not getting done. Or just getting set aside and forgotten about due to not having paid properly- like sending $15 instead of $20 and then AQHA not notifying about the money owing so that the papers can be processed. It's a nightmare.
Fortunateley Cierra is not gender confused!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well that is very interesting.

Grey Horse Matters said...

It is very confusing. But now you are more in the know about many things you probably don't even care about! Cierra couldn't care less I'm sure.