the beagle

Cierra has entered her third trimester. Brad has been proudly sharing with anyone who asks, about our Beagle. Well, it's really Cierra's Beagle. Not an actual Beagle. According to this Equine Pregnancy Wheel her foal is the size of a Beagle. 

Next month (9th month) Cierra's foal will be comparable to the size of a Dalmatian. The foal will grow faster. Gaining about a 1 pound a day. The website highlights interesting info.

I am beginning to get excited and nervous at the same time.


A couple days ago, we briefly saw that shiny thing in the sky that has been eluding us.

I walked past our windows and noticed three of our horses out in the pasture, all lined up. Equally spaced out and facing the same direction. Soaking up the sun.

By the time I got my camera, the horses had broken formation. Of course! It happens every single time.

I watched as Cierra saundered out to the pasture. 

Wondering. Who would she choose to join, or be alone?

Much to my surprise, she chose Nemo.

She always goes by either Koda or Harmony.

Nemo is usually not nice to Cierra. He tries to keep her separate during daily herd actions. He will not let her in the shed with the others. Cierra keeps her distance and has to wait to do everything. Until Nemo decides it is okay. She is definitely at the bottom of our herd. In his eyes.

I watched as Cierra interacted with Nemo.

The conversation between them was very sweet.

I wonder if the horses know about the Beagle?

Apparently I was interrupting their conversation.

Why is SHE watching us?

I left them to continue being sweet horses, under a warming sun.


Shirley said...

Oh so exciting! That is going to be one nice baby!
Mares do change when pregnant, maybe Nemo is in protective male mode now. It will be interesting to see your herd reactions to the foal once it's born.

Linda said...

I bet they do know about the beagle! I remember when Cowgirl was pregnant and we were wondering how big the baby was each month. I was nervous, too. Those were good times though. I used to talk to the baby while standing at her flank, and she was so sweet back then. The herd was so excited when Epona was born! It really is a community. The day Cowgirl delivered (night) all the horses stood near her at the closest gate. They all had their eyes on her, non-stop. That was the best sign of the upcoming birth.

She sure looks big and healthy. Beautiful photos!

Val Ewing said...

That is so neat. They must know about the Beagle. When my mares were near foaling time we had to separate the female mules from them. The mules would try to adopt the foal as their own.

It will be fun to see how the herd changes once the foal is on the ground! I'm so excited for you!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Getting closer to a foal! It is exciting!