closing out november ~ 2 of 2

If you missed it, the first half of my November in photos looked like this. The second half is more or less the same, with nature filled days.

The second half started with shorter walks closer to the buildings during opening deer hunting weekend. After that, we (the dogs & I ) went back to our usual hike wearing orange and using caution. There is only one side of our land with any potential hunters that could be of concern. The lower pasture is closed off all hunting days, just incase. The horses stand at the gate and wonder why. We saw zero hunters on surrounding property, and only heard a few shots this year way off in the distance. Better safe than sorry.

Brad cleaned up and leveled out the back of the arena!

It will stay this way until Spring.

these cool weather loving fungi keep catching my eye

it gets dark so early, we started riding inside

My halter was out of reach. Hooks are on the to-do list.
I asked Brad to hold Koda, and he decided to take him for a spin.

The look on Koda's face lol "what the he..."

woodland creatures hidey-holes are more visable

some of our Burr oak leaves are huge!!

Leaf starts where my jacket cuff ends, about 7.5" to tip of fingers

I transplanted even more daffodil bulbs from our previous home
Ugggh!!! I got one more bucket in the ground.

My second year of transplanting Spring & Fall.
I want to be done!

This old body can't handle high volume.
There are still hundreds of leftover smaller bulbs...sigh.
I might try one last time in the Spring, if they overwinter.

more cluster loving fungi, everywhere

Purr is very attached to her barn

bright yellow saucers
(and some pink stuff lower right)

click to enlarge & see the funky stuff

our son had to fetch and tow a very pokey Harmony

Nemo followed him all the way out, and escorted them back

Jameson & Tank

I ran out of the barn to catch this incredible fleeting late Fall light.
It makes the tree tops glow = love!!

the horses came in underneath this amazing Western sky

one last November walk

"Ugh, Tank. Not another branch!!"

Tank picks up every single fallen branch.
It is problematic. He wants to give them to you, in hopes of playing fetch.

Have you ever tried fetch with a branch?
I said no.

He got in trouble when the fork on this one ended up stabbing my leg and breaking off. The branch, not my leg.

His solution? Find a shorter one. And he did.

I cannot get over natures compositions!!
I never alter them.

Maybe I'm weird, don't answer that ;)
I find the way nature combines elements together so fascinating!

another perfectly placed pinecone

That's a November wrap folks!

I have been happily working on getting my creative on,
with various simple projects.

I will share those separately. I don't want you to get scroll finger ;) 


Linda said...

What a beautiful November, and I love to see you utilizing that amazing new indoor arena! Woot woot! That is living the life. Tank is so funny with his huge branches!

Val Ewing said...

I thought of Tank yesterday when I walked along where we played fetch.
What a beautiful area and you captured an amazing November.

Nature has a wonderful way of doing her own decorating. You show that perfectly. Love the bright lichen too!

How nice of the moss to give that stump such a brilliant green color too!

I will look forward to your creations!

Grey Horse Matters said...

You’ve captured a beautiful month with nature and your animals. Tank is adorable with his branches. The indoor really comes in handy on these early dark days. Glad to see you’re both having fun using it!

Shirley said...

Amazing light on the treetops!
These photos make me want to get out and do a few nature walks before the snow comes. I miss riding Gussie through the woods and all the lovely things that caught my eye.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You had a beautiful November at your place Thanks for sharing!:)