closing out november ~ 1 of 2

It has been a month. Full of ups and downs. Mostly ups, I focus on those.

I love November! When I was a kid it meant the start of Winter, and we had SNOW. Lot's of snow. I love snow! These days, November is a rollercoaster transitional month. It prepares us for what is yet to come. It is a bit of a tease. We have a high of 53F predicted this week. By then it will be December. I find it odd, but you can bet I will thoroughly enjoy the warmer weather!!

Some years November brings flurries, other years it brings: 

my "mountains" in the distance highlighted in amber

you want to start wearing a hat


natures compositions become less vibrant

Leo says the colors are still here
just different shades

wood needs to be split and stacked

clouds turn into powder puffs that almost touch the treetops
(back of the arena)

some of our oaks turned a beautiful shade of red
first time since 2016

I marked some of the smaller red oaks
for saving/relocating

I look forward to working on the paths and tree lines, some day

warm air meets cool ground, producing beautiful morning fog

overnight some type of tree in our woods drops all it's green leaves
(might be a Hackberry?)

horses coming in
(Cierra, Koda, Nemo & Harmony)

November produces amazing colorful skies

crescent moon and one of the planets

Leo hoping I will pick him up on one of our many walks

Remi needs breaks too

Apparently Cierra drew the short straw

Koda, Cierra, Harmony and Nemo, all facing different directions

walked past the window 2 minutes later, the herd was snoozing closer

my Golden Nugget turned a fluorescent salmon color

I hope it makes it through the Winter!!

stumps glow in the sunlight

gardening season is over
I am ready for a break

love the sound of crunching leaves

Tank waiting with his ball

the season of many branches

sooo many long branches

tiny things continue growing in the woods

Too many November photo's, so I split my post into two.
Second half to come.

Thanks for scrolling along! Enjoy the last day of November.
Make it a good one!!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Lots of great photos! Love Tank with his branches. November is over but we have decent temperatures so far, some cold days and occasionally snow that doesn’t amount to much, but mostly warmer than usual. Makes it easier to de orate for Christmas outside. Looking forward to your next photo post.

Val Ewing said...

Wow, I got to click on your photos to see them all individually and larger of course.
Beautiful. You make November pretty!
Happy First Day of December!

I hiked yesterday and went partially on the route we went last time and thought of Tank and sticks!

I kept thinking of you two! Here is to the next month and more beauty seen through your lens!

aurora said...

It's good to hear from you, I miss your updates! Completely agree, milder temps make everything outside easier. We are still working on our endless "winter is coming" list. Important stuff gets done first, the rest gets done if weather allows - and that includes decorating.

aurora said...

Thanks Val! I've been thinking about you too, KVR is tempting with the warmer temps predicted.

Linda said...

Lovely. We had warmer weather, too. I think today will be our last one though. It starts to get colder tomorrow. We still have green grass and a few petunias are still blooming. I’ll take it!

Shirley said...

Enyoyable photo journey!
You do have lovely places and sights right on your own property, let alone on your hikes away.