these two

I absolutely love being able to see our horses outside our window!! I catch the most interesting herd interactions. I have no idea what these two were really doing, but from a human perspective it looked like this:

Koda: I lovee you

Koda: That was TOO hard!!

Cierra: Sorry, I lovee you too

Koda: Muah! It's okay

Cierra: I don't like it when we fight.
Koda: Me either.

My camera recorded all five photos above as taken at 1:16pm. It all happened within ONE minute!!!!! One of the many reasons I LOVE action photography. It captures unique movement.

Like the interactions that went on forever, between these two:


Cierra: I really itchy under my chin

Koda: I love how you smell

Cierra: our bed & breakfast staff is watching us with that thing she hides her face behind

Koda: Who cares. Here is a smoochee

Koda: No! Remember what happened last time you did that?

Koda: Maaa!! The princess is picking on me again

Cierra: Blech! Boys are boring anyways


Koda: Hee hee, I think Cierra likes me


Shirley said...

Laughing here.... great captions!

Val Ewing said...

This is hilarious. I love the captions and it does seem as if they are chatting about very important things doesn't it?
My 'girls' took naps and dirt baths yesterday. Nothing as fun and enjoyable as this!

Linda said...

Perfect! There’s some love going on there!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Fun !! :)