sunday stills ~ 'tis the season

Merry Christmas dear Blogger friends!!

(photo of a hard copy photo of Koda & Nemo, original taken 2/2021)


believe. always.

(stamped sentiment on back of card)


Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful! Merry Christmas 🎄 and Happy New Year to you and the family!

Val Ewing said...

This is so beautiful! It makes me want to do my own photography as cards once more!

aurora said...

Merry Christmas Arline! Miss seeing your annual Christmas collages. Hope you all have a Healthy & Happy New Year at your beautiful home!!

Thanks Val! I was encouraged years ago by Blogger friends to use a photo I shared of Koda & Brad for a card. My hand made Christmas cards morphed from stamped scenes to stamped equine photo cards ever since. I did choose to feature our dogs one year. I enjoy the whole process from start to finish.

My mom loved my cards and kept them displayed all year.

Shirley said...

So, what do you mean by stamped cards?
I bought a few cards this year and the price about floored me- 8 bucks for a single mass produced card?

aurora said...

Shirley, I meant rubber stamps. I ink stamps mostly for words on my Christmas cards and use photos now. Sorry for the confusion. I hear you on the price of individual cards. It is ridiculous!! It's rare I buy them anymore.

There is a cost to begin making stamped cards. Ex. ink pad, glue tape and a paper cutter helps etc. I shop during sales & used coupons. After a while, a person acquires much of what they need.

I used two stamps with an ink pad. One was the word "believe" and the other "3 stars" from different stamps sets I already had. I also had the gold star embellishment used in the corner of the photo, from a multi pack of metallic star brads I bought years ago for a different use.

For this card, I printed the photo (.19 cents each) bought gold card stock to cut to size myself. Poked a hole in the photo to attached the star, glued photo onto the gold paper and then the gold paper onto the star paper. I stamped the back. I made 40 and kept one.

I happened to find preprinted "star" paper that came with envelopes (and a matchy-matchy sticker!). I've never done a flat two sided card before & try to change things up. This card was one of the easiest I've ever made.

I've made my own cards ever since I was a little girl. There are endless ways!! I've used hand drawings in the past & copied onto card stock and then hand colored. That takes forever.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Beautiful card! Thank you for sending me one!!

Linda said...

Ah, I have a *believe plaque, and another that says *hope. They come out at Christmas, but good to remember all year.

threecollie said...