sunday stills ~ framed

I had grand plans for this weeks theme, framed. It was Tank's birthday week, he turned three. It would be fun to do a photoshoot with the empty clearanced frame I bought specifically for portraits years ago. Before I discovered I didn't want to be a portrait photographer.

My plans went to hell in a hand basket when I couldn't get my remote trigger app on my phone to connect to my camera. It worked last time I took a photo with myself and the dogs. Without a remote or a second helper, the action photoshoot I planned was a bust. Plan B went like this:

Lie down. STAY. run run run. I think I am back far enough? Turn around to shoot, Tank pops up to a sit annnd Remi had turned around.

Sit. STAY. I mean STAY! run run run, further. Turn around to shoot, both Labs come running.

The Diva is framed.

Ugh! STAY. I MEAN STAY (hand cue hand cue)!! run run run. Turn around to shoot, both Labs come running. 

You are ALL suppose to be BEHIND the frame!

I'll try treats.

STAY. I REALLY MEAN STAY (hand cue hand cue, and hand cue)!! 
STAY. run run run. Turn around to shoot. I've lost the young ones attention. All dogs come running.

Remi is still framed.

ONE more time...STAY! run run run. Turn around to shoot, annnd give up.

Dogs enjoy treats for their efforts.

Tank and granddogs Jameson & Remi


Val Ewing said...

This is the best! I totally get it with dogs. Love them all! That frame is such a cool idea!

Shirley said...

Love this post!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hysterical! At least you got your exercise for the day….run,run,run!

I know how you feel I tried to get an 11 week old puppy to sit in front of the Christmas tree. Went about as well as your photography went. But I did get lots of shots of the floor­čÖâ

Far Side of Fifty said...

You had fun!! :)

Linda said...

Silly dogs! They just love you too much to see you go and not follow.