During the month of August, I kept seeing hearts. I rarely find heart shaped things in nature. I can't help but wonder, why. So many, close together and at this particular time.

heart shape mushroom on our bug path
August 12, 2021

I was floating both my mind and body, when I glanced over the pool edge and saw a tiny heart on the patio. Just a short distance from my cowgirl pool. I instantly got out of the pool, and picked the rock up.

The odd thing about this little heart is, when I picked it up I could no longer see a heart. I rolled it around in my fingers, turning it around. Where did the heart shape go? I looked hard. It had a bump and did not vaguely look like a heart. I placed the rock back down, and once again it looked like a heart. Hmmm. I did this twice, same result. I shrugged my shoulders, left the heart where I found it and got back in the pool to finish soaking up thoughts. 

a tiny rock heart
August 17, 2021

A couple days later I found another rock heart on our patio. This one was significantly larger and caught my eye while walking past our basement windows. I picked it up, same thing. If I held it, I could no longer see a heart.

I still don't understand.

rock heart
August 19, 2021

Today, I googled "what does it mean if you keep seeing hearts". I read the first search result, of which I am sure there are many. The reasons listed that could most likely apply to me are:

Someone is Watching Over You, which is possible. You have a Need of Love and Caring, very true when a person is going through something difficult. Also Spiritual Awakening, as in realizing what is really important in life. 

I will never really know.

heart cloud over our barn
August 29, 2021

Thank you to those who reached out.
Those who asked and listen/ed, and are still listening.

I heart you.


Val Ewing said...

You also see hearts because your heart is so big and kind.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yeah for seeing hearts! The clouds are beautiful hearts! :)

Shirley said...

Hearts remind us of love and you maybe needed to have that visual reminder of what was going on in your own heart.
I have found a lot of heart shaped rocks on this property. I put some of them on Merle's and Tess's graves.

Linda said...

Beautiful little reminders of love. My daughter was born on Valentine’s Day, and she is always finding hearts, too. I call her my Valentine from God. ❤️