river & memory banks

You know when your dog takes to someone, they must be a good person. Animals know. That is what Tank revealed a few weeks ago, when he met blogger Val. I already knew she was a good person, but it was fun for me to watch him become trusting. 

The three of us enjoyed a memorable mid October hike at Kickapoo Valley Reserve (KVR). Val planned an easier route for us to enjoy, that follows the river. It was a good choice for Tanks first KVR hike. He has only gone hiking off of our property once. It didn't take long for Tank to keep a watchful eye on his new friend.

happy boy

I tried not to be overly protective of Tank, but it is who I am. I didn't want anything to happen to my sweet boy!! Tank listens well, and doesn't stray far. He runs ahead, then checks back. However, Tank has an inexperienced young mind and is very active. He could easily get himself in a bind.

I was extra cautious when we were closer to the river. I didn't want to take a chance of him getting swept down the river. That would have been traumatic to put it mildly. The Kickapoo is calm and beautiful, until it isn't. 

You may recall years ago, when I was 
crossing the river with Koda and almost got swept under/down stream. Different part of the river and scenario. However, I am not familiar with KVR waters and wouldn't even let the poor guy swim or drink from the ponds.

Tank did get to enjoy a fresh drink. KVR has artisan wells. Really nice, if you know where they are located. I don't, but Val does. 

drinking from an artisan well
with a little help from a friend

Much to Tanks dismay, we did not slide go down to the river bank. He is a December baby and has still not had a chance to develop his swimming skills. During his first young adult swim season, all swimmable bodies of water in our area were closed due to high algae. Many do not have graduated entrances. Ideal for a dog to learn how to swim. Tank needs to learn to use his back legs, before I will let him swim in moving water.

Val taking photos of the river at eye level

the view from above

On our walk back to the main path, Tank did what Tank always does (and I mean always) he found a stick. I heard a hardy laugh from behind me, as Tank came running towards us with a sizable long stick branch. He really tries not to bonk people, but it is inevitable when running with small trees on narrow paths.

let's play!

We came upon the first of two ponds, with beautiful reflections! The cattails caught my eye. I miss our ponds cattails. 

the pond is waaay more interesting than my phone

more pond reflections

northern flicker (yellow)

This was a nice place to take break. The large stone has history of the reserve. We enjoyed good conversation and played with more sticks. This time tiny ones. 

We ventured off the main trail, so Val could show me a cool multi purpose water fowl blind. I never would have known it was there. I want to go back and shoot through it with my camera!!

each board lifts & secures open for viewing etc

We had a fun day exploring. Another one for the memory banks. I learned more things about KVR & hiking with Tank. I am fortunate to have a friend that shares common interests. Thanks Val!

tired boy on the way home


Grey Horse Matters said...

Looks like you all had a great day hiking and exploring. Tank is so cute. Love the little stick he found!

Linda said...

A beautiful place to hike. Tank cracks me up with that branch! You are wise to be cautious with the water.

Shirley said...

You got some great photos of a wonderful adventure! Tank is going to be a great hiking companion.

Val Ewing said...

Tank is a sweetie and I look forward to hiking with the two of you again [and Charlie!].
I am just blown away by your photographic visions of the hike.

Those cat tails? I never even gave them a glance, however I am learning from you!

Far Side of Fifty said...

What a great day! Of course Tank would like Val! Wait until he meets Charlie! I enjoyed all your photos!