dreams are hard work

I dream of lush pastures, with a rolling hill, surrounded by tall stoic trees. Seeing our horses grazing in the not so far distance, with birds chirping, surround sound. 

We move our horses today. By the time you read this, they will be here.

Unlike dreams, reality isn’t perfect. Our pastures are not lush. Brad just replanted them, a third time.

weeds grow better then grass

We have no walk-in shelter for the horses, and Brad is working on the outdoor waterer as I type.

Dreams are made from hard work, and patience. 
Just a few weeks ago, Brad & our son pounded 72 fence posts into the ground. Thank goodness for the rented postmaster! The monotonous pounding was sooo loud, it echoed throughout our valley.  

Weeks prior, Brad built & put in sturdy corners to form our three pastures. Needless to say any additional progress to our new home has come to a screeching halt. We are living in it as is. People don't seem to understand why we aren't "all settled in"...I can't understand, why they don't understand, that starting from scratch is a HUGE undertaking!

In Spring of 2016, we purchased our land and our vision started to become a reality. I've spent a fair amount of time documenting & photographing the changes over the years. I never want to forget where we started, and because I will never ever, ever (ever, ever) do this again. Ever. Just like Mrs. Shoes, they will have to carry me away from our land.

We picked up our deep roots and moved them, for the love of our horses. This land, the endless move, it's all for them, to be able to live with us. I truly hope our horses will adjust, and love it here as much as we do. It is so quiet & peaceful.

view from our house deck
Life hasn’t been easy lately. Nothing worth doing is. The past few months or so have been more like hell. We moved exactly how I didn’t want to move, without things being completed. But I gave in, and don't regret it. Sometimes you have to leap, in order to be able to get to where you are going, and have patience. This challenging time, will someday be a memory.

I look forward to getting back to enjoying life, and living this thing we call "our dream". Maybe someday, even with lush pastures!?!!


Linda said...

We bought our house as a half finished project in a field of weeds—no grass, trees, fences, barns—nothing. Nada. We finished the house that summer, doing all the work ourselves, threw up some t-posts and Hotwire, had a shell for our barn put up in fall, and then suffered the second snowiest season on record EVER in Spokane. We moved up six horses, three goats, two dogs, and three cats and, at that time, we still had three children at home. We would have to go to the barn next door, the neighbor’s house, and fill up a 55 gallon drum with water, and then bring it back and fill up their trough. To heat the trough, we had to run extension cords, plugged together from our house, all the way out to the pasture. We did that all winter, until they were buried so deep, we could no longer see them. Miracle—they kept working! We also stored all the hay in the neighbor’s barn next-door, and we would drive over there every day and get it.

Little by little, through the years we built this home. We could never, ever, do it again! It was our last move, 11 years ago. And, like you and Mrs. shoes, we will never move again. I don’t know how we survived it, but we did. Mostly, we just gave up all expectations. We didn’t get a lawn for three years, but the grandkids loved playing in the dirt. ­čśé It was a crazy, crazy time. I think you’re way ahead of us!! Just enjoy the ride.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Patience is a hard virtue to master, I’m still trying. If you can’t quite get that patience thing down a healthy sense of humor helps! You’ve got a lot done and it will only get better with time. Once the horses are there I think you’ll feel much better. Good luck with the move.

Shirley said...

Building a dream is hard work. And sometimes it seems the end of the tunnel is soooo far away....
You got this. One foot in front of the other, one project done and move on to the next. You have a good foundation, the finishing touches will come. Breathe, grasshopper!

aurora said...

Linda, now I understand your comment on my last post about bringing back memories of moving. I am sure you are glad it's in the past! We haven't tried winter with horses here, yet. We should have more kinks worked out by then. I hope.

I have been working on having patience my whole life Arlene. My saying is "I was in the bathroom when god handed patience out". I could use more humor too, and less crabbiness. Apparently I am a work in progress ;)

Yea, Shirley, at this point I definitely can't see the end of the tunnel - but I am working on it, with eyes wide open!! But hey, at least I got people to respond so our internet/tv/phone hookup is scheduled. Should only be a few more weeks. I hope.

Mrs Shoes said...

Girl, you said my GOVERNMENT NAME! *blushing*
Yes, they'll haul me away from the 4Shoes once, cremate me, and then carry me back home to be spread all over the place we've worked so hard to create.
I know you know what I mean, and you have surely documented your journey so much more completely than I have ever done - I feel like I know your place too. Maybe one day you'll invite me to visit so we can drink at your saloon and laugh ourselves silly.
I enjoy reading your blog and admire your photos so much, you don't even know. Keep on plugging at the never-ending move, someday it will just be maintenance you have to do. Not sure when that might be, after a decade we haven't gotten there just yet, but we will & you will too. You & Brad just remember to take a moment now & then to look at how far you've come already, and Enjoy(!) that feeling of pride and accomplishment. You sure do deserve it. ((hugs))

aurora said...

Lol! I don't know your "unofficial" name, but I knew you could related to this labor of love! I sure hope we can have friends over for some saloon spirits & laughs someday. The saloon is empty right now, unless you count the roll of paper towels sitting on the floor. No joke. The old wheel table is in our garage, waiting to be moved for a third time. Low priority. I am enjoying this journey of progression with our land, it's the overwhelming never ending moving crap I could do without. I waved my wand, but nothing happened ;)

C-ingspots said...

I am SO excited for you! Trying to be patient sucks...I've been trying so long that I should just throw in the towel. You must have been in the bathroom next to me! :) You guys have come so very far. It's gets hard to realize, but like Mrs. Shoes said, take the time to admire and remember how far you've come to remind you that it's all worth the effort. It's all going to be like living your dream. And your horses are gonna love it!