For some odd reason I feel like I am glamping. You know, “glamourous camping” as in living outdoors with comforts of home, otherwise know as glamping.

Living on our land reminds me of our annual trail riding trips, up north with our horses. Not sure why. Maybe it’s because we live with our horses in close proximity in both places, or maybe it's the never ending sand on my feet. It could be the peaceful early mornings, or tired evenings spent caring for our horses? 

Stumbling outside in my early morning stupor with fresh coffee in hand, while heading to the barn. Putting on a sweatshirt to ward off the damp dew, would make anyone feel like they are camping. It could be the peaceful evenings spent watching and listening to our horses chew. Up north it's by the campfire, at our land we do that sitting in the barn under a slow whirling cool fan. No campfires here, yet.

When we are up north the poop pile we wheel barrel to is close-by, almost too close. Here I have to wheel the wheelbarrow (most days two trips!) allll the way into town & back, around corners, through sand traps, swatting mosquito's the whole way. The whole time I'm trying *not* to tip the wheel barrel. Most days, Jameson (our daughters black lab) makes me laugh hard as he races and jumps through the winter wheat like Bambi. I mean, bad dog!! No running through our upcoming field of gold. It’s just too darn funny when that dog gets his boogidy boogidy on.

Someday I’m going to haul my camera, or video that crazy dog with my phone. Imagine that...roll-n-balance, slap-n-balance, snap-n-balance, lol! I was thinking, I hope I never have to write a post called "the day the wheel barrel tipped over" cuz you know it's going to happen, and when it does...look out world.

Okay, so our ever growing pile of fermenting nuggets is not as far away as town, but the rest of the post is true. It is down the drive way, past the house, around a corner, down a path and through a sand trap - surrounded by mosquitos, and around another corner. Good grief, I feel like I am crossfit training! 

It appears I've become the official stall cleaner at our barn. I was going to take weekends off to rest my shoulder, but it is one thing I can do to help so that Brad can work on other things. 

Just like up north we have plenty of bugs, specifically mosquitoes. They are horrible here this year!! After morning chores, I head back inside the house and take a loong hot shower. 

Yes, that’s it! This is *all* why I feel like I’m glamping. No wonder this place is starting to feel like home, even when I'm rolling, rolling, rolling... 


Linda said...

Ha! I feel the same way! Glamping. 😂 your grass looks really good. You’ll have some happy horses. I’m also the official stall cleaner, but I boot them out in spring, summer and fall. They’re either on dry lot or pasture. We use the tractor to rake manure from the dry lot. Makes life easy. This summer we’re building loafing sheds, too. Eventually, I may kick them out of the barn forever and just do loading sheds. 👍 but there will probably always be a special in need of separation—baby and oldies.

Grey Horse Matters said...

That looks like a hard road to keep a wheelbarrow balanced. And a long way to the manure pile. We actually have a paved road that leads to a manure dumpster. Luckily it’s down hill to the dumpster so I can drag it behind if I want. We have a wheelbarrow that is rectangular and has 4 wheels that might make it easier to balance? Also, if you get a Kubota it has a bed in back that tilts up, you could muck into something like that right in the barn aisle and drive it to the pile. But on the plus side of all the hard work I’ll bet you’re getting fit and sassy😀.

Your grass looks great. The pup must be a riot, they do such silly things to make us smile.

aurora said...

The grassy stuff on the left is winter wheat, not for horses. I've never seen winter wheat up close before, it's so pretty. Especially when dipped with dew & highlighted by sun! You can't see our grass/hay field in the photo, it's behind the wheel barrel. It looks pretty good too. Pastures are up, but sure as heck don't look like either of these fields!

Linda, our horses may stay out at night (on nice days) once we get a walk-in shelter built. It sure would be a lot less work then cleaning stalls every morning!

Ha ha, yea I am getting a "little" sassy Arlene. I've been called a "bossy barn manager" more then once! It is a good distance & workout, thankfully we will eventually have an easier method for hauling. Hopefully before winter. I don't mind it for now. Thanks for the great ideas!

Mrs Shoes said...

No tractor yet?
I can't have the manure pile so far away, so it's right behind the barn. That area fills in a week, at which time Mr Shoes uses the tractor to drive it into the field down to the compost piles. We have two piles, one that it 9 years old, and the other started this year; the old one is where I'm not getting garden dirt, etc.
If Mr Shoes suggested that I run the wheelbarrow out to the compost pile, I'd have a suggestion for him as well...

Shirley said...

I highly recommend getting a Gator or side by side that has a dump box and fits in your barn aisle. Will make that job so much easier when it's muddy or snowy!