mind over matter

In the midst of our moving craze, Brad showed Cierra in Ranch at two AQHA shows. I feel bad I completely missed his first show this season. The May venue is two hours away. In typical show world style the times predicted, shifted. I was too far away to make it in time. Sounds like the riding went okay, but not as well as past years. With everything he has going on, Brad hasn't been able to put in the riding time. They did really well in Amateur Ranch Conformation, coming home with all 4 firsts out of 6 or 7 horses. 

This past week/end was Brad's second show. I had our son's dog with me the first day he showed, so I didn't even bother attempting to take photos or video. She is new to horses and horse shows. Our "little horse" is a sweetie and got lots of attention. We are really proud of how she handled everything! It's a huge busy show, with multiple arenas in two pavilions. The horses were at this show Tuesday-Sunday. 

Brad placed & did okay with his rides again. Ranch trail/riding classes had around 12 entries. He continues working on not letting his nerves get in his way. Mind over matter is hard to achieve. Most riders at AQHA shows are so very seasoned, that any little thing puts you out of point placement. Placing is far from the only thing that counts anyways. Brad is having fun living his dream, and that's what's important. I am really proud of him! 

The only other ranch rider from our trainers barn got some firsts & seconds, and came home with a beautiful handmade Dale Chavez halter for winning high point ranch. We are good friends & thrilled for her! 

Father's Day was Brad's second day of showing, and both his rides improved. Our son & daughter came to watch, as well as his parents. This was the first time they've ever seen him ride. 

I shot video with my phone. You'll notice Cierra didn't want to line up on the log side pass for both Brad (& our trainer, she shows her in open classes). Silly girl, I've seen her do this right 100X. He also got docked for inadvertently dropping his rein after the log pull, right in front of the judges. Whoops! He didn't want me to share the trail video. Too bad. I think Brad should have gotten bonus points for gracefully grabbing his rein and continuing on like nothing happened. SO many other good parts to his rides, like his flying change and his transitions are getting smoother. If you are interested, take a peak:

Amateur Ranch Pleasure Riding 

AQHA Amateur Ranch Trail


Grey Horse Matters said...

I thought Brad and Cierra did a great job in both videos. The canter transition was really nice. I have no idea what the rules are but I thought Cierra listened very well to her cues. And so what if everything wasn't perfect, nothing ever is, as long as you are doing what you like and having fun. We sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to always get everything right we miss the fun of just riding.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Oh, and Remi is adorable.

Linda said...

👏👏👏 looks awesome! Is there anything that horse can’t do? What an amazing, athletic, strong mind! I want that!! I am hoping tumbleweed will be that horse for me. (Ciera reminds me of Mesa.) After watching this, I’m going to make a log pull. The rope gate is not a favorite for my horses. We have a real gates and they open and close them just fine. I wonder if they think the rope is electric fence.

Shirley said...

Cierra is beautiful and Brad did a nice job even if he did drop a rein... oops... I like these ranch classes. I wish we had AQHA shows around here. There are some in Alberta that aren't terribly far away but the cost of gas is astronomical here- almost $6 a gallon so I don't think I'll be doing much hauling this year.

Mrs Shoes said...

That's a nice bernese! Brad & Cierra look great & seem happy! As for other competitors, some are eager to help and are kind in their remarks, but the ones who are too serious about showing and look down their noses at amateurs ends up turning people off of competition, which is too bad & counter-productive besides.

aurora said...

Arline, there are plenty of rules and they are loosely judged depending on individual preferences. Our local Ranch classes tend to draw a nice group of riders, most keep the fun in showing. Of course there are always a few snots.

Linda the log pull is a great trail obstacle, and can be useful. You can pull anything tho, doesn't have to be a log. Cones, or whatever. As you likely know, it's best to work your way up to dallying & having the rope across their hip, along with increased gaits.

Thanks Mrs. Shoes, and Grey Horse :) Remi is an awesome Bernese, first one in our family. She has a fantastic personality, is also smart & super funny. Remi hangs out with me twice a week, and stays with us when the kids travel or have plans. We love her!

aurora said...

Wow Shirley, that is top dollar for gas - ouch! We are around $2.72 for regular unleaded. If you are interested, I am pretty sure you can get their ranch patterns online. I know it's not the same.