new routines & first turnout photos

Our first morning came with our horses home, and it was chore time. Who’s going to do what? and in what order? Gah, everything is completely new!!

Brad & I are working together to figure things out. We know it will take time, and change as our barn & schedules do. For now it’s a bit like “who’s on first? what's on second? and I don’t know is on third”. We are intentionally mixing things up, to keep the horses flexible in their routines. For example, who gets fed first, out first, time of feeding etc I think it's better for them, and us.

Just like chore flow & the horses, I need some adjustment time. I still feel newish at taking care of horses. For those of you that don’t know, Koda is my first horse. I got him when I was in my forties. My horse care experience from
 prior years of riding is limited at best. I did learn some when all four of our horses lived at the family farm that used to surrounded our old house. Thankfully the high horse energy has been minimal. Although we haven't done much with them, except hand walk to/from turn out. Soon, I hope. It's been a long time since I've ridden Koda. Maybe a month? 

Every day things get better, as we all get more accustom to our new routines & surroundings. 


Until the pastures get established, our horses are limited to the dry lot. Thankfully it’s a pretty decent size. First day of turn out, as expected Nemo and Koda quickly explored every inch of it. For some dumb reason I chose to leave Koda's halter on, just incase. I wasn't thinking about photos, but did take a few shots of them exploring their new digs. I was hand holding so not all are sharp, but I included them anyways. 

first release into the dry lot
nemo was really silly


pausing to take it all in
before running to explore again
always with 
grass in his mouth
wasn't long before they completely settled down

Our daughter brought Harmony home that evening. She spent her first night in the stall next to Koda. When Brad & I arrived home from a work function that night, we found them glued next to each other.

In the morning we turned Koda & Harmony out together first, and once we knew they were good Nemo joined them. I stayed up at the house, and shot photos from our deck. Sometimes it's better for Brad to deal with our daughter where Harmony is concerned. 

Harmony (L) and Koda (R)
released together for the first time in years
they ran down together, to share hay 
Harmony (L) looks so fantastic!!
Sure hope we can keep her looking & feeling good.
She is a nervous nelly and gets stressed out easily.
Nemo checking Harmony out
Koda wants no part of their discussion
Harmony sending Nemo a reminder

uneventful conversations

Other then one Harmony double barrel in the air, there was no drama. Nothing. Nada. 
It was very obvious the horses remember each other. It is so sweet to see the three of them together again, grooming each other & trading hay piles and being buddies. 

It wasn't long before I walked past the window and took this photo with my phone of the trio...

(L-R) Harmony, Koda, Nemo


Linda said...

That’s wonderful. My guess is that Harmony will be less stressed at your place. There is a lot to do. I used to get discouraged when it seemed like all work and no play, but I’ve made my life easier with a few adjustments.

Shirley said...

It will all be routine in no time. My horses love routine and it sure makes it easier at chore time.
Looks like your herd settled in nicely. They are sure going to love the pasture!
You guys did a great job on your farm.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Looks like everything went smoothly. There’s always adjustments but you’ll figure out what works best for you And the horses. Hope you get to ride soon. The place looks wonderful.😊

C-ingspots said...

What a beautiful thing... :)