sunday sights

Ms. Padame at her home

We made a brief stop to drop off some of Padame's show stuff. She is on her way to her first show of the season in MN as I type. She is going with her trainer and a few others from the barn. Brad opted not to go to this early show.

Apparently Padame has developed a show diva attitude at the barn and doesn't want other horses riding too close to her. She doesn't do anything, other than pin her ears.

Padame was willing to say hi through the bars, but didn't want to come too close when I opened the stall door. Lunch was more important and there is always that chance she might have to go to work. Smart horse.

She will be 5 this year. My how time flies. Brad is looking forward to showing her this season. It sure was fun visiting at the show barn, even if briefly. 

We took a few side roads on the way home to see if there was anything floating on open water. Much is still frozen, or just starting to thaw. The water that was open looks cold. Apparently it doesn't bother American White Pelicans. 

activity was slow

there was a large flock (75+)

funny hair tuff

someone had an itch

There were quackers floating around, and of course gulls dipping & diving.

hooded mersanger

pair of bufflehead

Herring Gull (juvenile)

Life is about to get very busy. I enjoy these quieter moments, reflecting.


Shirley said...

Ah Padame! I was hoping you would do a post on her soon! Hope she has a great show!
We had our first geese returning the other day, it will be a slow spring here.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Open water! Sure hope Padame has a great show! Those Pelicans are fun to watch:0

Linda said...

I had forgotten all about Padame. Looking forward to more photos and updates as she progresses. She’s the same age as Tweed.

Love the pelicans. We have them here, too, but I’ve never seen that many together. What a find! They’re beautiful! Great photos!

Shirley said...

Ummmm Padame needs a spot on your sidebar!

aurora said...

Thanks. I was surprised to see so many pelicans. It looked like there were many more off in the distance. They will disperse into smaller flocks once more water opens up. Some stay all summer (in other locations).

I was hoping we would find Padame outside, so I could take some photos of her. Although she is blanketed, as you can see. Including inside the heated barn. Sunday's are usually quiet, but not with an upcoming show. Especially the first one of the season.

I miss the buzz and camaraderie of a busy barn. Will make sure to share more about Padame when Brad goes to the shows. I just hardly ever see the blondie. I always ask about her, and get responses like "good" "she was great" etc. Doesn't give me much to share lol.

aurora said...

I know Shirley, right?!!! I have wanted to completely re-do my whole blog for a while now, but first I have to do this, then I have to do...it would be quicker to just add her to what exists.

Val Ewing said...

Well, I'll try this again.

One of the things I do want to see with my own eyes are those pelicans! I've now seen swans which were awesome and some ducks including wood ducks and mergansers but never close enough to be sure.
That photo of the Gull with it's wing reflected in the water--wow!

Padame looks beautiful. I hope she does well at the show! Can't wait for the update.