walking in between the raindrops

From crunch crunch to rain, thunder and lightening. We didn't get as warm as predicted or as much rain last weekend, but we got plenty. 

We had planned on riding inside. Brad even got the arena all ready. With sopping wet horses, riding just wasn't meant to be. Especially when we saw Nemo rolling in the mud. As if he wasn't dirty enough already. 

Brad in his happy place

view out the back of the arena

Our property ends after the sandy mud & ice stops. Right before the solid gold stretch of field grass. We take care of our neighbors portion by request. Not sure how we will best utilize this area. Our part might end up eventually becoming a small turnout pasture.

I was looking forward to taking an outdoor break and decided to take the labs walking between the raindrops. Even if that meant wet feet and dogs. What a pleasant surprise to find relatively dry footing for a rainy day. 

Our timing turned out great! I was equally happy to be back inside when the next round of storms hit with full force.

I was fascinated by this:

tiny raindrops cling to the end of pine needles

the marvel of rain drops

I wished for my camera, but my phone did okay

colors are so much more vibrant when wet

pine bark pattern is so interesting

We headed back to the woods the following day. Most of the ice on the paths had melted. Run off water from a neighboring field to the West left its mark. It appears our property gets run off from all directions but South. At least that I've noticed so far.

spooky tree trail

the water run had decreased on main trail

Tank doesn't usually go far from me, but I couldn't see the blondee anywhere in the pines. I asked Jameson, where did Tank go? Dogs may not use words, but they will tell you. As soon as I walked out of the pines I found him...

really, Tank…

See him now?

He was splashing around the ONE puddle left.
Waaay out in the middle of the field.

The very next day, we found Winter...


Far Side of Fifty said...

I was going to say...no snow and no mud...good for you, there is hope for the rest of us! Then you got more snow, oh well it will melt fast!

Val Ewing said...

Tank would love our creek an playing in it! He is a water dog!

I love your raindrop photos. Your cell phone photos are awesome. My son keeps telling me that one day I will not use my regular camera any more at all. Hahrumph.

The path looks great and reminds me of some of the trails on KVR with the beautiful pines on each side of the trail.

We have mud/ice/snow sluuush...and goo. Gosh I just love March!


Linda said...

You have such a beautiful property to explore. It has to be so healing to walk through your woods and fields. Winter returned? Well, that can't last much longer. I think you have many more rainy hikes in your near future.

Shirley said...

Such lovely riding trails! love the smell of the woods on a rainy day.
Of course Tank was in the puddle.....

aurora said...

Connie, Sandy soil is great to have this time of year. It dries up so quickly.

Val, I use the convenience of my phone camera a lot. It has serious limitations tho. If my camera wasn't so big and heavy I would haul it around more on my daily walks. You will never become an exclusive phone photographer. Maybe if they come out with IR phone camera capabilities lol.

You have no idea how healing this property is/has been for me Linda. Or maybe you do, because I blog about it all the time. Especially because I don't have a regular buddy to clear my mind and go hiking with off-site. I am incredibly grateful to be a caretaker of this property!

I also love the fresh smell of woods, Shirley! We have a ton of trail clearing and connecting to do for enjoyable riding. I am hopeful that this will be the year it comes to fruition!!