a summer project

If you've been reading my blog for a while, then you know I am a lover of water. Oceans, lakes, ponds, streams, rain, puddles, pools, showers ~ all of them. Every single drop. I love how water feels, sounds, ripples and reflects. Inside and out ('er on). Let's just say water brings me great joy. I am not partial to any one type of water, welllll except for maybe showers. Ha, ha!  I love my showers, they might be my number one. 

We have zero water to enjoy on our homestead, unless it rains. Our original plans included possibly building ourselves another ornamental pond. We tossed around the idea of another pool. There was talk about the possibility of a wildlife pond instead. Brad thought maybe even a walk in type pond, that we could ride the horses into. Doesn't that sounds cool?!! The indoor arena won over all of these ideas. We both agreed, an indoor is much more useful than any outdoor water feature would ever be. Zero regrets.

All the water possibilities got pushed back down the wish list. I still miss water tho. Specifically our koi pond. Falling asleep to the sound of water gently falling is soooo heavenly!! The waterfall stream was right outside our bedroom window. Our pond was my happy place, now it's our woods. I absolutely adore our woods!! However, I still miss the soothing qualities only water offers. I spent many hours contemplating life, listening to the waterfall, while gazing across our pond and reflecting towards the eastern sky. 

my fav pink water lillies

I also miss the free feeling of moving in water, in o
ur above ground pool. After 13 years of pool fun & relaxation, Mother Nature brewed up a wicked windstorm and destroyed our pool. That sad day happened a few years before we moved here. So many pool memories were made throughout the years.

I thoroughly enjoy vast bodies of water, they are larger than life. To be respected and enjoyed with great care. I probably wouldn't feel so water-deprived, if I ventured out and enjoyed WI many beautiful rivers & lakes. However, for me that requires someone to enjoy them with. Brad isn't a water or boat guy. He grew up on a dairy farm, there wasn't time to leisurely appreciate water like I did. What is a poor water lovin' girl to do?

I would be happy with the sound of a bubbling ornamental zen type fountain thingee at home. Any water feature works for me. Instead, we took on a small Summer project ~ a Cowgirl Pool! I am sure you've heard of them. They were all the rage a few years back. I rationalized future potential use of a stock tank purchase, should an adult sized kiddie pool turn out to be a bust. 

We could always use the tank for what it was intended, a livestock watering tank. Or it could be used for a garden bed or even sunk in the ground for a pond. 

I just want to cool off, float and watch the sunset. Without having to drive somewhere or worry about what I look like in a swimsuit. An oval tank would work just fine for me. I even figured out a place where we didn't have to tear anything up and landscape. Brad was onboard but asked, what if I want to get in the pool? I replied: An oval stock tank seats two. Brad came back with: I would be facing the wrong way. Ohhh, gee. Yah. I guess Brad would be facing the house wall. That doesn't sound like fun. He asked if I would be okay with an 8' round stock tank, and the rest is history!

me and my floating shadow

Our Cowgirl Pool sits under the deck. Nothing fancy, like these. I decided to keep things simple (I can do that, once in a while!) and not paint our stock tank. It is partially shaded, except later in the day. I don't want to bake in the sun, that defeats the purpose.

We added noodles around the edge, to soften them. Then hung Edison lights for ambiance. I still want to add a bit of fun-ctional decor, but can't find anything that fits the vision in my head. I was thinking an old coat rack, or sturdy wooden divider to hang a hat & towel etc. I dunno. I will get it when I see it, or not. For now, our Cowgirl Pool is as done as it is going to get ~ and I LOVE it!!

can't swim laps, but flutter kicks and floaty fun work for me

Wanna know the best part?? The pump Brad installed circulates enough water, that it turns our Cowgirl Pool into a lazy river ~ wheeeeee!! 

The water was a little too cool earlier this Summer (our solar cover ordered online, never arrived...) but it is perfect now. I've been leaving the hose out in the sun, and adding heated water that way. It works!! Brad still hasn't enjoyed the pool, but you can bet I have! Our son said I have to stop calling it a Cowgirl Pool if I want him to get in it. He can call it whatever he wants. I call it my water fix.

my water fix



Shirley said...

Great idea! Maybe you can call it a Ranch Pool for your son ;0)
There are pump thingys you can get that float and make a little waterfall. I have seen them for bird baths.
Our neighbours have an above ground pool and my afternoons are often blasted with the shrieks of children.... why can't they enjoy things quietly! But at least they are having fun.
I'm about ready to try the swimming hole, the one I ride into, but it's a bit of a walk on a hot day.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm with you I love being near water. I grew up on Long Island, N.Y. We were surrounded by water, lakes, ponds, bays and the ocean. We were always at the beach or over at Fire Island. Clamming in the bay etc. We did have a pool as kids and adults, I don't have one now and I miss it since we don't have one now. Love your Cowgirl Pool! Now I'm thinking that might be a good idea for me. Never thought of that, thanks for the idea.

Don't know if you'd be interested but if you like the sound of running water my daughter has a waterfall window in the hallway outside her bedroom. It's installed in the wall and sounds very soothing. Check them out online and see if its something for the future?

Linda said...

Ohhh, I love it! Might have to copy you! My husband was using our hot tub as a pool before it broke. He’s having it fixed. He kept asking me to go swim with him! He’s like you, and loves the water. I like to cool off, so I’m game.

Val Ewing said...

So I sat on a rock in the creek today and just sat. There is barely any water moving from it being so dry but I get the water thing.
Also, we have a stock tank that I take out once in a while and fill up. When I am done soaking in it or it needs to be emptied...I use a hose and siphon it out into the flower garden!

This is great!

I could SO have a waterfall sound nearby! As a kid in Hawaii we fell asleep to the sound of surf.

aurora said...

Shirley, that is a good name for our lil' pool. Yes, kids are loud. I can relate, just watched my grands the other day. Maybe try wearing ear plugs when neighbor kids are screaming up a pool storm? It would certainly be more peaceful.

That sounds like a beautiful place, and memorable way to grow up Arline. I've never been there. Cowgirl Pool's are fairly easy to set up and a relatively inexpensive interim solution. Ohhhhh, I absolutely LOVE the waterfall window concept! Brad is going to shake his head lol. I have seen full sized waterfall versions in office type settings, but never thought about a smaller one for a home. What a dream! I googled quick and the copper ones caught my eye...you caused trouble again, in a good way. I love your ideas!! If they don't require plumbing (as in, they are self contained) it might be good a possibility. Maybe when we finish our basement, and workers are already here...hmmm? Something to consider for sure, thanks!!

Linda, feel free to copy away. That is why I/we share ideas :) Some people turn stock tanks into hot tubs. I can't see them being very energy efficient with heat tho. We are good with a pool. Sounds like your hubby has his own pool figured out!

There is info online, but I am happy to share what we learned and used as ref. Just let me know :)

Val, no doubt you would relate. I think most people in tune with their senses appreciate flowing water qualities. So glad you had reflective time at the creek. I tried hard to find property with natural flowing water. It is rare around here. You can buy marsh, but that is different. We looked at some property with water (including one with a shared huge remote pond/lake) but too much of the land for sale was unusable for horses/building. So we will just have to create our own water wonder, someday. Maybe? Will see.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh I can see how that would work! We still have a couple of kiddie pools that Chance loved:) Enjoy!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Forgot to say, I have a solar fountain in the bird bath and it works great!

aurora said...

I will have to look into solar fountains. Our pool is getting put to good use. I love it!!