sale pending

Today is the day. Padame gets hauled to the vet for a head to toe pre-sale vet check. Soon we will know (and so will you!) if she will be Brad's new upcoming show horse, or if we are back to searching the corners of the earth for a healthier young horse that fits his criteria. 

This is what we requested:

1) Vaccines: Rhino/Influenza vaccine, Lyme vaccine and Rabie vaccine
2) X-Rays: Feet, Hocks, Pasterns & Stifles. 
3) Full Body Assessment
4) Coggins
5) Teeth Exam
6) Health Papers, required by Wisconsin for animals crossing State lines

It will likely take a few days for both vets (hers and ours) to evaluate all of the results, and then Brad to make his final decision. 

We also wanted to make sure Padame had the AQHA 5-panel genetic test done. If not, we would request one of those before purchasing. We found out the test was done, actually one of the five. Her sire is a GBED carrier, negative to the other four diseases. Her dam is negative for all 5. Therefore the filly was only tested for GBED, and unfortunately tested positive. She is also a carrier.

Not gonna lie, I didn't think we should buy her unless she had 100% clean bill of health. However, since learning about GBED (thank you Shirley for sharing your valued knowledge!!) and that it only becomes a concern if bred to another carrier, I guess I am okay with it. I still support the purchase thus far. We aren't buying Padame for breeding, but in reality who knows what the future holds. Brad also contacted our vet, and his response was the same.

My hubby made a good point the other day, this whole long distance purchasing experience has been very educational for both of us. We didn't do any vet check with our four horses. Age appropriate things like vaccines were taken care of, and Cierra was panel tested as a baby before we bought her. We used our own judgement with what we saw in person. Regardless, even if Padame lived close to us she would have gotten a pre-sale check because of her cost and intended use.

I can't wait to see how the vet check turns out, hoping for good news!! Until then, she is officially sale pending...

screen shot from breeders website



Shirley said...

She is lovely! I hope all goes well, I know how exhausting it is searching for that perfect horse. With her pedigree, Brad may even be tempted to try some new classes in the show ring- reining and working cowhorse come to mind! She should be that true versatile quarter horse.

Grey Horse Matters said...

She's gorgeous! I hope all goes well and she is Brad's soon. And a fun new addition to the herd. There must be so many things to go through long distance before everything is complete. Very frustrating I'm sure. Good luck with everything and I hope she is yours and travels to you soon.

Linda said...

She is a beauty. Fingers crossed. I'm excited for you guys! One step closer. I rarely do tests either. Most of my horses are geldings or non-breeding mares. I care more about personality, too. I knew I wanted Tumbleweed before I met him--based upon his sire. I know Padame's sire is well-loved and respected, too. He's kind of a legend around here. Hope she passes with flying colors!

Far Side of Fifty said...

She is a beauty I hope it all works out!

aurora said...

Thanks everyone! Reviews keep trickling in, we haven't gotten any additional red flags on the filly. It is nice to know her sire was highly regarded.

C-ingspots said...

How exciting! We always recommend pre-purchase exams on horses that aren't dirt cheap, because even if they are cheap to buy, does not mean they"ll be cheap to own. Those hidden details can break the bank! She is a pretty gal. Hope all goes well.

aurora said...

I thought for sure we would know by now, but are still waiting. Our vet said the xrays didn't come through email very clear. I put what we received on a jump drive and dropped it off yesterday. Found out he is off work until Tuesday, so hopefully we will know by middle of next week. Luckily everyone has been super to deal with. When Brad called the clinic in Washington to pay our bill, the gal that answered the phone told him she really liked Padame, and then re-emphasized that she REALLY LIKED her! Said she the filly was so good and easy to handle. That made him/us feel really good about the filly :)

Val Ewing said...

What a beautiful animal!