site prep ~ build-an-arena

As planned, our arena was started last weekend. Brad spent two very long days busting up the top layer of frozen ground. The quality control crew stopped by with me each day to take photos of the progress. I kept one eye on them, while the bobcat was whipping around moving dirtTank & Jameson were good observers and stuck close by me. Regardless, they won't be coming with me while others are operating machinery. 

Day One: 

perfect job for a track machine

I was surprised at the size of the chunks

two cones show arena corners, second cone is to left edge of barn

Arena doesn't look very big from this angle,
but ask the guy who worked on it all weekend and he will tell you it is big 

The barn wall will remain as is, door will be raised a couple inches.

parts-n-pieces of the arena puzzle

(drainage connectors, tubes below)

my inspection crew checking things out
Tank & Jameson (L-R)

drainage is crucial, it makes or breaks a building

checking out the building site from the other side

Day Two: 

busting out endless chunks

adding to the growing pile

a larger mid day perspective

(bobcat is at end of arena site)

Monday views of the work that got done over the weekend: 

massive towering pile of dirt for back fill

black plastic covers key spots to help with frost

Build an arena posts will be added to one collective page tab.  


Shirley said...

Let the fun begin!.... Well, work maybe not fun. But so worth it!

Grey Horse Matters said...

It’s so much harder to work with the frozen ground. Looks like a good start to the project though. Good thing there are inspection crews on site to make sure it all goes smoothly!