feeding our horses something new


meow mix hay

(aka Tinkerbell)

double meatloaf grain

(aka Leo & Purr)

Not to worry folks, no cats were harmed or fed and still provide mouse patrol and barn comedy.


Linda said...

I want to come back as one of your barn cats and live in that gorgeous barn palace! Lucky cats!

Far Side of Fifty said...

The cats look well fed and happy!

Shirley said...

Hahahaha! I think the second photo should be Double Shreddies.... at least as far as mice are concerned!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your cats are a riot! They look very well fed and very happy. So cute.

aurora said...

That is a single pan, I mean cat bed that Leo & Purr are in together. I bought another bed, so they can each have their own space to curl up. Yes, our cats are well fed and turn into chunky monkeys in the Winter lol. We free feed quality dry food, and they share a medium can of wet food at night as incentive. Contrary to popular belief, cats stay much healthier if you feed them and will hunt just as much. It is natural for them, as a food source or sport. We also keep our cats up to date on shots, and they get monthly Revolution (tick/flea/worm preventive). Our cats are part of our barn family, and they keep us laughing!!