tick tock

Time passes. Another year, another chapter. Tick tock, goes the clock. In reality, New Years is just the turn of another day. But it always feels like so much more than that.

I have such fond memories of past years celebrating the upcoming new number. From my youth spent with multiple families and gaggles of kids, to party years and then back to youth spent with families - but this time as adults. Then there were our overnight spa get-away years, that morphed into the past several years. My favorite. Quiet. Home. With Brad and our beloved animals. Soaking up the nature that surrounds us. Dreaming. Sooo many dreams. No reviews, goals or intentions nor good riddance to 2020 here. No one wants bad stuff to linger. It just seems odd to wish time away. See first paragraph.

New Year affirmations are absolutely great to restart the positive. Here you'll find dreams. Yep, pretty much the same thing. I've always been a dreamer, literally. Ask my husband. Ha ha!! My head is always in the clouds, looking up to the sky. Dreaming. Unintentionally. 
I just find myself a-dreaming, until they come true. Many more than I ever imagined, in my wildest dreams. I truly am blessed, and forever thankful. My life had and still has plenty of ugly bumps and bruises, but I prefer to focus on the positive. I am a glass half full kinda gal. Or at least I try.

I've got this guy to keep me smiling:

walking in our wooded snow globe

and these four wild-n-wooly bears:

Cierra, Koda, Harmony and Nemo (L-R)

Our horses have been full of it lately. Especially my dragon Koda. So much for all the earlier hands-on work, and riding. Insert eye-roll. It is the weather, right?! We decided Koda is like a smart kid that is bored in a classroom and gets in trouble. Good grief!! He is 13 going on 3, and it's not just me. I am pretty sure he will never change. Sigh. What a goof-ball!!

SO thankful for Nemo. He is my other steady, when I need it most. Such a very special horse.

The bond between these two...

ohhhh Nemo LOL!!

and then we have our three barn tigers: 

(our lovable big gray cat-dog)

(Brad's cat, always observing her world)

(our warm weather gypsy, who remains 100% silly)

One of my biggest joys this past year has been watching the guy who didn't like cats, love them! We put a cat door in our barn that reads microchips. The girls have "the clicking" down, but our big boy...well, he summons us to let him in the barn. Leo continues to follow us on walks (even with the snow) and requires a lot of this:

Brad carrying Leo on a recent walk

Jameson, our grand dog came back to live with us in November after a year-ish hiatus. Such an intelligent sweet dog, and also the most challenging dog I have ever photographed. 


...and let's not forget Tank. We lucked out big time!! Our big boy turned two December 1st and is so full of sweet personality, and unconditional love. I can't imagine life without him.


Many enjoyable days are spent with these three:

Jameson, Tank and Remi (grand dog)

walking three dogs

As for this years dreams/goals/affirmations, I've written about the upcoming achievable ones throughout my previous posts. Let's just say I am super excited for 2021! Instead of wishing time away let us see what positive things transpire, shall we?!!

Wishing you all a Happy (Healthy!!) New Year's my friends!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Wishing you and Brad a Happy (healthy) New Year. And of course your whole gang of critters the same.

There's no harm in dreaming, I've done it my whole life. I'm a lucky person and am grateful for all I have. My guy keeps me smiling and laughing all the time too. I'm a glass half full person too, must be why you and I like each other! I agree with you that time ticks away and we should look on the positive side of things even when things don't go the way we wanted. So I'm excited for 2021 and hope for the best of things for everyone.

Love all your pictures!

Shirley said...

I hope you have a wonderful year!
My mom used to say "to wish is to help make come true" while admonishing us to be careful what we wish for.... oops... but yeah the power of positive thinking and prayer does help us to attain our goals.
A lovely crew of furry friends you have! Endless entertainment and companionship. Leo has such a Lord of the Manor look in that photo!

Linda said...

I am like you. Anytime I find myself wishing a moment away, I stop and check myself. Time is short, and I’m just happy to be alive. You have a wonderful home and herd and family. Happy 2021!

Val Ewing said...

Awww love the pictures of your critters! Koda...haha, he is an upstart right?
Daydreaming is good for the heart and soul. I do it a lot.
I don't think I have a goal for this year yet. I still yearn to do an overnight camping trip just me not too far from home.
Cierra! I have a Siera.
Have a great day.

Dom said...

Happy new year! It is usually one of my favorite holidays, though it was admittedly subdued this year. Love all the critter photos and updates. So many happy wishes for you for 2021. I too am a dreamer who doesn't want to wish time away. This post made me smile.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy New Year! No resolutions here just my one word intention which is safe! You have some beautiful critters! I am a bit of a day dreamer ...it started when I was a kid with no books to read:)