productive weekend

In order to keep things progressing with the barn & house build, my guys are back to being weekend warriors...

Brad laid out the barn rooms earlier in the week
with spray paint (click to enlarge)
the front room begins to take shape
with a trenched wall support
our son floating concrete
I learned it's not called finishing, that is different
the front of the barn is still dug up
so they poured concrete the old fashion way,
by the bobcat bucket full, which is better then the hand bucket full!
basement beam & wall supports in the house got dug out
Brad pouring concrete
 he found muscles that haven't been used for a while
our son ran the belt truck
a well deserved lunch break
 look where my funny kid found a comfy seat
he always makes us smile
Sunday was all about insulating the basement floor
First a layer of plastic, then lilac 
styrofoam, then taping

While all this was going on, I picked up garbage around the property & building site. Obviously took photos and picked up lunch for my hard working guys. I usually go later, and leave earlier. Hard to believe it's another weekend already! Hope everyone gets a chance to get outside. My favorite place to be. Have a great one! 


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Grey Horse Matters said...

Wow,that's really coming along fast. I love the barn layout too. Very practical and well thought out. Your boy is a riot, best seat in the house!

aurora said...

You think so? I have answered "no, we are not framing the house yet" so many times...people really have no clue how many layers of things need to happen before a house goes up. Our son is a good guy, with a sense of humor. I can't believe how many endless hours he is willingly putting in with Brad.

Shirley said...

Looking good! Question- the basement- the lilac board is laid upon a vapour barrier over pea gravel? Why not on cement, and are you going to use dri-core as a base for the flooring?

Linda said...

I had no idea about all these steps, but it seems like your house and barn are extremely, amazingly solid. I know that everyone does not put this much time and attention into their places. We sure didn't. I'm super impressed with you all!!!

aurora said...

Shirley, I wondered why they were putting the lilac insulation down at all. No dri-core (not sure what that is) but the cement basement floor will go on top of the insulation. My next post will reveal why.

There are even more steps then what I post about Linda. I am trying to catch & share the more prominent ones. Many of them just go unnoticed by homeowners, or aren't done to save money/time. Which never pays off in the long run. It really helps that my hubby has been in the industry for over 30 years.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

wow! lots of work ahead! But it is going to be wonderful!