build-a-barn ~ dig it

When I heard they were digging a huge trench from the house to the barn, I knew it was time to get clicking! They had just flattened the building site out after putting in the house foundation, and already it was time to dig. Again. 

The trench to connect services
from the house to the barn was long & deep
I had to crawl down there,
doesn't everybody do that?!
No mistake which side is sewer vs water
Brad got busy filling the house side of the trench back up, because the very next day this giant piece of equipment arrived...

getting ready to dig our well
well derricks are so tall!
The well guys were SO nice! I learned this was the smallest derrick they use. I got a lesson on different types of ground, related water depths and the basics function to get to a very important thing nobody can live without - water.

our water pipes
with big drill bits inside
thanks guys
now we will have water
Brad insulated & paneled just enough wall
the weekend prior for our electrician to install
the electric services in between the well digging
the way the barn looks now
Barn and house services are ready to be connected! The building site hasn't changed since. Electrical is scheduled to get put in from the road next week. Guess we are in the hurry up and wait stage...plenty to work on behind the scene, mainly for the house. 


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Shirley said...

Getting closer! How deep did they have to drill before they hit water? Wells here are really shallow because we are so close to the river- about 8 ft. in some areas.

aurora said...

Only 8ft, wow! They hit water around 80 feet, but they sunk the well 140 feet. Really varies depending on how close to the WI river & terrain. Where we live now our well is at 245 ft.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Everything seems to be moving along really fast. By the time this whole house/barn building is done you might be able to hire yourself out to construction companies!

Linda said...

Did they go deeper to get to a larger water table? That would be smart! Water is so important. I am loving these photos. Learning a lot. You guys are doing it all right. Lots of thought obviously went into this.

aurora said...

There are weeks where it seems like things are moving quickly, and others where it doesn't. I would gladly hire out to construction companies & related sub companies, but I don't think there is much of a market for it in this area. Around here what little they do is handled in house with phones, or by agencies. I should really look into it more, thanks Arliene!

Linda, they go deeper because they want a minimum amount of water in the well at all times. In this case, 25 feet. They factor in soil type, and the percentage of water that can statistically be drawn out. It's all very interesting to me too!

Linda said...

That makes sense. Ours is pretty deep,around 340'.