interesting timing

Sunday morning I called the furniture gals we met at fair and asked if the old wagon wheel table we were drooling over was still available. It was. They offered to put a hold on it until we could get there. We had no intentions of buying furniture, but after giving it more thought it was too unique to pass up. We decided to go back to fair for another spin (ha, ha) and the table came home with us. If only that old wheel could talk!! Sorry, again no photo. I've been slacking in the photo taking department! 

Since we made another trip into fair, we decided to revisit a stallion we came across over the weekend. We weren't looking for a stud either, but when you find something you like you look into it. Brad bought Cierra with the intention of eventually breeding her. For now he is enjoying showing her, and wants to put more points on. It will be a few years before she is bred, and it will be just for us. We have more bloodline research to do, and plenty of time for things to change. I couldn't resist generating color possibilities. It's the last thing we care about, but it's fun & easy with this generator. Here is the potential breakdown:

Hollywood Glo Cody has a sweet disposition and as a bonus is a handsome guy. His previous owner of 10 years spent a significant amount of time telling us his story. She came all the way up from Texas because the horse had never been in a show environment, let alone a crazy fair. That alone tells you something about how special the horse is. The above name link is pedigree. He's got some nice reining lines. This is his page on the current owners website. If you've got thoughts, especially about bloodlines - please feel free to share or message me. 

Nothing has been decided, as this came out of no where. All we know for sure is when Brad decides to breed Cierra, it will be primarily based on disposition. Everything else is TBD (to be determined). Who knows what the future holds.

We arrived to find the studs stall empty. The person who was watching over their other stallions, told us he was about to do his first ever stallion review. We made a bee line over to the show building and got there just in time to watch:

We left fair afterwards, stopped at home to load tack and made the 40 minute drive up to the barn. It's a good thing we went when we did, instead of skipping fair and going in the morning. We arrived to an empty barn, and found our trainers brand new baby foal! Surprise!! The mare had started expelling afterbirth & the baby was just trying out her legs. We quickly realized nobody knew. 

The barn staff was at fair (in between chores) and our trainer was gone due to a family emergency. We called them both, and assured them we would take care of this surprise situation. Both her staff left fair anyways and came back as quickly as they could. They were a good hour away. Everything was done by the time they arrived, but they were very thankful.

babies first picture
Brad went to the farm store to get bedding & iodine to dip babies belly button. I stayed back to keep watch. With the help of a boarder who was out back with her horse, the three of us got mom & baby moved, bedded and taken care of. We figure the foal was born within the hour for sure (based on the other border's arrival & seeing the mare still pregnant) but more like 30 minutes or less.

We eventually enjoyed a nice ride outside in the sunshine. I completely forgot to take a photo of Brads new saddle. It was a day filled with interesting timing. The table, the stud, the foal - all of it. I know the phrase "things happen for a reason" is over used. Maybe it's all coincidence, but I believe.


Grey Horse Matters said...

The table sounds perfect! I put a deposit on one similar (ships wheel, glass top) years ago and never had the money to go back and get it. This still bothers me, so I'm glad you got yours!

The stallion is gorgeous and would make beautiful babies with your girl. When you're ready you'll know.

The foal is too adorable for words. It was nice that you and Brad were there to help and take pictures of course. Busy day but you even got a ride in :)

Linda said...

You lucky girl! I'd have loved to have seen the foal. We may breed Cowgirl soon. Most likely next year. We want the same thing, disposition and good conformation for ranch and trail work. Please share pictures of your table. Congratulations!

Shirley said...

Good score on the table!
Interesting pedigree on the stallion- Coyote Belle has Mr Joe Glo in exactly the same spot on her pedigree. I think it would be a really nice cross on Cierra when the time comes.
So cool that you got to be there for the foal, mares can sure surprise you. I rarely had daytime foals, usually it's in the middle of the night. I start my camp out tonight for Coulee!

aurora said...

Some things just stick in your mind, don't they Arliene. It sure happens to me. Hopefully you will come across a similar table to the one you were hoping for. I've actually never seen a wheel table before last weekend.

Linda, I will post the "missing" photos...I will post the "missing photos...I will " post"...if I keep telling myself, it will happen!! Of course I have to take some first. Minor detail. It would be so wonderful for your family to have Cowgirl's baby to love! You must be getting excited.

Shirley, that is so interesting about Mr. Joe Glo! It will be interesting to research prospective pedigrees. I will learn a lot. Good luck with Coulee, I can't wait to hear & see your photos!!

C-ingspots said...

Timing is everything! How very fortunate for all involved that you got to see that beautiful, new baby...what a blessing!