orange you glad

Last week I had an orange week. I couldn't help but notice, that bright orange was making a noticeable appearance in my life.

It started with my blooming Clivia's. I overwinter mine inside, until they can go outside to summer camp. They have the most magnificent blooms and smell mmm good too!

Shirley from Ride a Good Horse made a keen observation in my most recent building related post, asking about the unusual use of lilac flooring insulation. We are using it, because of something orange.

not an orange snake barrier

colorful orange water tubing is attached

cement will be poured directly on top
The lilac insulation is a heat barrier for heated floors. I learned some tubing runs hot & some runs cold. It alternates side by side. I've never seen it installed before, but I've felt it! It was interesting to see how they laid the colorful maze out on our basement floor. Orange you glad you asked ;)

The very same day, I stopped to photograph a damaged bridge that I've been wanting to shoot. I got so excited when an unexpected visitor came floating around the corner!! Bridge? What bridge? To heck with the bridge, I couldn't believe my eyes! I ran back to my truck to switch to my longer lens. Knowing moments like these are rare & fleeting. If only I had stayed calm and not given off so much frantic energy, he probably would have stuck around longer.

Favorite Color ~ 102/365 photo challenge
I had to look up this unique bird. He has a funny bump on his bill. Apparently it has to do with breeding season. I had no idea we have American White Pelican in our area. Orange was my favorite color *that day* for sure!! Click photo to get a closer look at the vibrant color around his eyes.

I wonder what, if anything, will stand out this week. Do you ever have those weeks?


Grey Horse Matters said...

You really did have an orange week! Love the flower and the bird. Both are beautiful.

Linda said...

Oh, heated floors. Lucky!! That is an amazing photo you got of the pelican--super cool. The detail is great. I'm pretty sure I've never seen one in real life. Beautiful! Makes me appreciate orange.

Shirley said...

Aha! Heated floors- lucky you!
I like that flower, I might have to see if our greenhouse carries them.

C-ingspots said...

Oh my gosh, your barn is going to be amazing!! Love the wood walls, and heated floors will be awesome. That pink foam insulation is what we use for foundered horses. We cut it to size (of their feet) and then duck tape it on and they crush it, which conforms to the inner contours of their feet, giving cushion and support. Works great, but only the pink version works right. :) The pelican is beautiful...