about routines

What is it about routines that make a person feel balanced? Whole. Complete. When I don't ride, or see my horse for a while, I feel something missing. When I do, all is well with the world. Even when it isn't. After that busy building week, that somehow turned into a two week horse absence, we are back to our horse routine.

endless rain keeps us inside
I always get a little more Appytude then normal after long breaks. On the ground and in the saddle. We typically work our rides back up in length & ask, depending on time off. I know some wouldn't agree with that approach, but it works for us.

we squeaked in one outdoor ride yesterday
before the rain started, again

This past weekend there was more "shifting of the tides". We moved our horse things out of storage from Brad's original family homestead (different farm, then the one that surrounds us). We moved the panels that made up our temporary riding arena, barrels, buckets, pans, heavy mats, and poles that I meticulously paintedWe put that arena up in 2010. Hard to believe it was that long ago. All we have left to move from there is some old hay & our storage trailer, neither are going to our land.

driving around to the back side of our barn
getting ready to unload
SO many memories of days gone by. Keeping the good ones, and trying to let go of those that don't serve a purpose. Maybe that's why a familiar routine feels so good. They serve a purpose, keeping us grounded in a world of constant change. Just like horses.


Linda said...

Life is just better when you're with your horses. I saw a meme the other day, but I can't remember who it was quoting--it said something about if you have stress--the barn is the best stress reliever. Or something like that. Might have been Julie Goodnight. But anyway, it's very true. There are some days that you feel "off", but going to the horses sets it right. Pretty soon, your horses will be right out your back door. Won't that be sweet?

C-ingspots said...

I think you and your horses are going to THRIVE in your new place!! :) And yes, horses just make everything better! We've always known it, but there is actual scientific proof of that now. More and more equine therapeutic places popping up everywhere, from sexual abuse victims, to PTSD soldiers and everyone else in between. Just think how much money we've saved over our lifetimes relying on our horses for our sanity and peace of mind over a therapist!! :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Balance and routine just seem to make sense. If I'm having a bad day and go to the barn I immediately feel better just being with the horses. Guess I've saved a lot on psychologists!

I agree with you that it's better to start back with the horses slowly and work up to more. Glad you've gotten rides in.

Shirley said...

I take it slow with horses when they are fresh after time off. No sense getting them all worked up, it is counter productive. Like Rosalee the other day when she didn't want to leave the area where she could see her friends. It gives me something to work on but not to get in a battle about.
Routine is a good thing! Especially as I get older because it keeps me from forgetting stuff ;0)

aurora said...

Another reason why I love blogging, you guys just get it!