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We have managed a consistent weekly indoor riding pattern of two days a week for a while now, three for Brad with his lesson day. That wasn't the case around the holidays, ice storms, cold weather, and everything else that got in our way earlier this season. During those sparse visits, every ride felt like "starting over"...it is amazing what a second ride does for Koda & I. We are able to build on where we left off. It makes a big difference for us, especially me. Koda has behaved remarkably well, through what historically has been challenging months for us - and I am absolutely thrilled!!

Day 36/365 Photo Challenge
Nemo on the other hand has taken issue with the end of the arena, to a whole new scary level. He is an extremely sensitive horse. One of those "horse eating things" can pop up at any given moment, any place, on any horse. Being the good boy that Nemo is, with complete trust in Brad, he gets over it quickly. Keep in mind Nemo is a rock solid trail horse, not much bothers him. When he takes issue tho, he is seriously convinced there is a problem. These are very rare for him, and nothing like this. This is different. Nemo is not just being naughty, he is downright scared. Brad has had his hands full... 

Forcing Nemo through this would have just put them both further behind. That doesn't work anyways, especially with sensitive horses. Many would have handed the horse over to the trainer to fix. Instead, Brad has gone way back to basic ground level type stuff in the arena. Like just standing by the door on the ground (over, and over, and over) with lots of love. Standing, so he can safely get off etc. I know it's been extremely frustrating for Brad, but I am really proud how they are working through this. Let me add, we have thought about Nemo being in pain and his behavior as trying to tell us something (other then he is scared) but he is perfectly normal in every way. We do have a routine vet visit coming up soon. Should that be the case, it will reveal itself. 

If it's not one horse, it's the other. Let's just say our horses keep our life interesting, and we cannot wait to live with them!!! 

Day 29/365 Photo Challenge
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Shirley said...

Since you have a routine vet check coming up, why not get his vision tested too? You never know, he might be having difficulty there, especially if his neck is out.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy to hear you and Koda are doing so well. Sounds like Brad does have his hands full with Nemo,but I applaud the way he's handing the situation. Maybe the vet can shed some light as to what may be bothering him.

Love all pics,my favorite is the last one.

C-ingspots said...

Good for Brad! He's handling Nemo the only way, IMHO. Trust is a relationship and this is serious for Nemo, and Brad is helping him through it, and not just passing it up as bad behavior. Their partnership will be all the stronger for it. :)

I would also suggest having his vision checked. You know those Appys and their vision problems - just rule that out.

Good for you guys getting all that regular riding in!! Just know that I am totally jealous of your diligence, and can't even remember my last ride. *sigh*

Unknown said...

Very nice post to start my morning!!! Good job Brad. I know you are doing your best:) Good luck to you all!