build-a-barn ~ phase two

SO much has happened over the past several weeks, that I haven't been able to keep up!! They started our pole barn on January 31! We are extremely excited, and I am loving watching and photographing the building process. Let me tell you it is AMAZING to see all the hard work that goes into building. Seeing it all come together is more fun then I could have ever imagined!!! I've tried to catch the building process in as many stages as I could, to relive these once in a life time memories...

Day One: 

it all starts with a pole
I got permission to take photos from the foreman
pretty sure the rest of the crew thought I was crazy

perfectly spaced poles await

wider view of barn site
all lined up
one pole, after the other, and another...
I kept count for a while, and sent Brad updates

securing the poles to the foundation

our wooden barn puzzle

Day Two:

the trusses arrived! the trusses arrived!!

marking window placement for pre-approval
preplanning = efficient work flow

looking through the sliding doors

view from behind the barn

It was very cold, but it didn't stop these guys from working hard. Only two days into the process, and our barn has already taken shape! Horses will be on one side, storage on the other. 

wider view of back of barn site
Stay tuned for the next, most exciting building day! So exciting, it deserves it's own post!!  


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Grey Horse Matters said...

Yeah! It will go up faster than you think. Before you know it your horses will be looking out those windows! I don't think you're crazy for taking pictures. I did the same thing when they built our indoor.

The Dancing Donkey said...

Wow, that is going to be an amazing barn. So happy for you!

Shirley said...

Looking good! So exciting to have your own custom designed barn.

C-ingspots said...

How exciting! I am always so totally amazed at how very quickly buildings go up. Knowing what you're doing is SO helpful! Over the years, we've usually done everything ourselves and it's quite a different process. But I was shocked at how fast our barn was built by professionals. Enjoy! Now, and for many, many years to come. I've lost track of how many times we've been thankful for our little barn, and for the cozy shelter it provides our horses.