build-a-barn ~ rapid change

Two weeks into our barn project and already so much has changed...

birds eye view
Below is a short 360 degree video of the big picture. It starts at the barn. The house will be where the snow covered hay is spread out (near bottom of screen, about 18 seconds into video) then you'll see our neighbors barn & house in the distance through the trees, the field where the outdoor arena will eventually be, and end back at the barn.

you won't be able to see through the barn for long
unless the doors are open

view through the peak
things were starting to warm up & melt
it made for great reflections
we opted to forgo a dumpster to cut costs
and dispose of building materials ourselves
For the first time in years, we didn't travel for Valentines Day. It's one of my favorite holidays. It's gotten a bad rap. For me, it is not a holiday created by Hallmark for couples to spend money proving their love. To me it's a day to celebrate love, of all kinds. A day to do whatever it is that you love doing. Brad & I don't gift each other anything. Instead we spend time together. This year we stayed home in part because of the barn, but mostly because he had a work commitment the following two days. Darn work gets in the way of everything, but it also helps fulfill dreams.

Week three:

walls & ceiling are done on storage side

it's all about the horse side now
working on the walls

looks like we are going to have to crawl
to get through that human door on the right ;)
a wide path will be made in this tree line
for the horses to come in from the pasture
(where I am standing)

putting up tongue & groove boards

The barn changed rapidly during the third week. It won't be long before the builders are finished with their part of the build...

day 45/365 ~ photo challenge


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Shirley said...

Wow it's really taking shape! Loved the video, what a lovely place you have, and the house will be nice and close to the barn.
Bet you can't wait to live there.

ellie k said...

Will there be a loft for hay or the storeage area is for that?

aurora said...

Thanks Shirley! Our anticipation just keeps growing with this place...there are a million things to do before we can call it home - but little by little we get closer!!

Ellie, we will not have a hay loft. Our hay will be kept in the storage area. We plan to eventually insulate the roof space.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Wow! That's going up fast. It looks great. So much progress. I love it. Couldn't get the video on my iPad but I'll watch it in a few days when I get home.

Linda said...

I have barn envy. I would never want to leave it!!

aurora said...

Hope you are somewhere fun Grey Horse!?!

Linda, I told my hubby I could live in the barn - and he knows I meant it. My only request would be to add a shower, because washing up in the wash stall might get a little awkward when neighbors stop by!!