build-a-barn ~ raising the roof

The excitement at our barn reached sky high proportions on day 3! It was time to set the trusses, with a huge 75 ton crane!!

before I realized I was too close for the long lens on my camera,
they had lifted and were placing the first truss

the back truss got placed first 
or not
why are they bringing it back? 
something isn't right
Brad walking through the barn to fill me in
the reach to the back was a little short
the crane is now parked inside the barn
perspective really changes the appearance of the truss
resetting the first truss 
view from behind the barn
makes the truss looks huge
day 33/365 ~ photo challenge

the fearless builders climbed up the barn like it was a jungle gym

the crane was moved back out of the barn
to pick up the second truss
flying trusses 
setting truss two
the crane holds the trusses in place
until the builders secure it

the builders use a lift to climb onto the rest of the trusses
all trusses are set by the end of the day


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Shirley said...

So exciting! It's fun to watch the progress.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pictures! It's fun to watch it going up. They've got a lot of work done in a short time. I can't believe how they're climbing around it like that. Keep taking pictures!

C-ingspots said...

Brave monkeys! You wouldn't catch me climbing up there. Fun to watch it go up, and SO fast! It looks big - what are the dimensions?

aurora said...

Thanks for sharing the fun! Lorie, our barn is 60W X 80L (it's actually 88L if you count the 8ft front overhang)

C-ingspots said...

Ours is tiny compared to yours...36x48 - but it works.

aurora said...

Absolutely, whatever works. I had to ask Brad to remind me what size our barn was. I get asked all the time what square footage our house will be. Who cares, I don't. I know sizes help with visuals (for some of us - ha ha!) but all I care about is being together.