first outdoor ride of the year

If you told me we would be riding outside in t-shirts on February 22 in 68F degree weather in Wisconsin, I would have laughed. I did, but in a different way. We have been hitting record high temps most of this week. Yesterday we rode outside, late afternoon in the outdoor arena, in beautiful unseasonably warm weather!!

What a difference being outside makes! Especially for Mr. Nemo. The problems Brad was having with him in the indoor disappeared. They had made progress, but it was back to the beginning the following week.

Koda watching Nemo

I always wonder what the first "spring" ride will bring...I did get some ears. So silly, considering the pasture our horses have been turned out in for years borders the arena. Apparently everything looks different when you are on the other side of the fence! 

I failed to bring my phone on my outdoor ride, so no pics :( instead enjoy a few pasture shots from a few days ago.

day 49/365 ~ photo challenge

pasture buddies
L-R Charlie (not our horse) Cierra & Koda

day 51/365 ~ photo challenge
Our fling with spring is over for now, but it will return soon for all of us. Hope your weather finds you outside riding sooner then later!!


Shirley said...

I can still stand on top of out 18 inch snow pack without sinking in, so no riding for a while for me! Lovely portrait on Nemo.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pictures! Yeah for the ride. It is unseasonably warm here too.