swamp logging

It was hot. It was buggy. It had standing water. It felt like a swamp.

A large tree was down right smack in the middle of the woods. Amazing how small the tree looks in the photo, it wasn't small at all.

Another tree was hung up, high above.

But that didn't last long....timmmmber! I was surprised the horses didn't care, it was loud.

Checked on the horses, before getting back to work.
Harmony had only been home for a couple hours. They were eating hay, the great pacifier.

We hauled lots of muddy piles of branches.

Cut and hauled piles of logs.

The boy who doesn't like horses was a huge help.

However Koda wasn't much help.
Harmony agrees.


Jeni said...

wow that's work! Do you have a fireplace or wood stove?

Sherry Sikstrom said...

That looks like a lot of lumber , and it also did not look like fun getting it out of there

BridgeEtta said...

Trees? They are kind of a novelty here on the prairie. Now you won't have to buy wood for roasting marshmallows.

aurora said...

We don't have a wood stove anymore. I miss it. nothing like the smell of wood and dry heat. Now our fireplace turns on with the flip of a switch. We do however have an outdoor firepit, and plenty of wood for roasting 'mellows and making s'mores. Unfortunately (or maybe that's fortunately, since it's messed up) we don't own the property...or we would fix it, not patch it. It's a trade-off, and works for now.

allhorsestuff said...

Yea wood for the out door pit!
Isn't it funny that the horses did not budge with the falling of the tree?