Our muggy weather finally dissipated, and has been replaced with a stretch of beautiful sunny days. Which is great, IF you can get outside and enjoy it with your favorite equine?!

As soon as our weather cleared up, Brad went back to digging stumps out of the lower pasture. The boy who doesn’t like horses was happy to help pull out the equipment that was stuck in a muddy sink hole, and even happier that he didn't put it there. Funny how he “doesn’t like horses” but is always willing to help when there is a different kind of horse power involved. 

When asked how many stumps got pulled out, they were…stumped.  Around 25 the first day, 16 stumps the next and today, ummm...well lets just say they stopped adding them up after 50. The stumps needed to go. I know our horses are smart enough to go around them, but it still bothered me. We all know when something bothers mom, it bothers everyone. I am happy to say Brad is officially done with stump removal. All that remains are a few enormous stumps, that aren’t going anywhere.

The photo above is the biggest stump, it's massive. Photo doesn't do it justice. Sad they had to cut them down, especially the big ones. Hopefully the other two large ones that are out in the middle, will eventually be ground down. We want to improve that area so it doesn't hold so much water. Brad is going to do more work down there this weekend, leveling the ground out. Our plans are to try seeding it this fall. We could use the space, who doesn’t want more pasture?


Sherry Sikstrom said...

Busy times !Glad the boy whoo doesn't like horses still likes to help out

BridgeEtta said...

Sounds like you're stumped, just being silly. My goodness what a hard worker that man is, you're lucky.

aurora said...

Fern, I am glad our son likes to help too. I just can't do heavy lifting anymore, and not very comfortable running equipment - if I am running the bobcat it's slow-going.

CCC, once the mosquitoes die down I want to go snap a pic of the stump pile. It's gotta be a big one. My hubby is a very hard worker, a cowboy at heart.

allhorsestuff said...

If we ever an get out of the city to have our own...I know my man, who is afraid of horses, will help in that chore stuff too!
Will you and he have a nice BON FIRE PARTY for fall, when it is all finished?