bottle it

I wish I could bottle days like today, and open them up when needed.

The weather was warm and sunny, with a nice breeze to keep you from getting hot. Mosquitoes don't thrive in it, which means we do. I suggested to hubby we mix things up and try heading out on the trail. If we started getting eaten alive by the skeeters, we could always turn back. Brad thought it was a good idea. He was already in the pasture leveling out the "stump removal" area, and said it wasn't buggy. I arrived to find peaceful grazers.

Nemo and Koda
We lunged, did a short warm up ride in the pasture and headed out. Harmony tends to get herself all wound up when we take the boys out of sight, but she took our departure well today.  Barbie the resident pony on the other hand, got all spun up and was zooming around.

We each took an unplanned different route up the path. Koda and I got to "the corner" first. He was skeptical and took two quick side/back steps, I answered with timely correction...and we continued on. Brad and Nemo rounded the corner shortly thereafter, and joined us. 

It was a gorgeous ride, and a welcome change of pace for all of us. We did hit a pocket of mosquitoes half way through, and had to stop to brush them off the boys a couple times - but nothing major. It was right around the area where we kicked up some turkey, which raised some ears as they scurried off into the woods.

It was sooo nice to be riding out! After we got back to the pasture, we continued riding along the highway. A few new pieces of random trash had blown across and got stopped by the corn stalks, including a large bright yellow bag. I am proud of our boys, they looked at some and rode over others. Further down the road we came across a large hawk that had landed, and was preying on something. We got somewhat close, glad he flew away. It was a good ride, definetely made my day.


BridgeEtta said...

I so know those kind of days. Maybe we cant' bottle them but we can store them in our memories. I call them "my happy place" and often go riding there in the winter when the snow is 6 foot deep and it's 40 below. I can even remember the feel of the fall breezes on my face. Just commit them to memory now. They will come back.

Anonymous said...

We had a beautiful day here yesterday too - glad you got in a nice ride!

Jeni said...

*sigh* yes remember yesterdays ride when its 20 below and the ice is 2 inches deep.

Glad you had an awesome ride and it sounds like you got the corner issue taken care of?

Unknown said...

I hear you, there were moments today I wanted to dip in amber and wear them around my neck to gaze at fondly for years.

Glad you had a great day!

aurora said...

Glad yesterday's weather was enjoyable for others! Remembering, happy places, and dipping in amber - sounds lovely!