Our trio of horses are doing great together. We always ride Koda and Nemo first, but of course give Harmony attention too. She has gotten used to waiting for her turn to work. The boys crack me up, they have already been ridden, hugged, and loved - but they are still jealous when Harmony gets her turn.

They stand behind by the boards

and peek over them just below their eyes, watching Brad and Harmony.
Koda and Nemo stand side-by-side and peek,
unfortunately my pic of the two of them didn't turn out well enough to post.
It's pretty cute the way they watch.

Harmony gets her turn.
As you can see the sun was setting, had to use a flash hence the glowing eyes.


Anonymous said...

My old Noble used to get very jealous when I would take my mare Promise out of the stall and groom her in front of his stall - he would pin his ears, bob his head and look really mean at her - she didn't care in the slightest!

aurora said...

Funny about Promise, she knew. Nemo pinned his ears and tried to do the "that's my human herd thing" at first, but Brad squashed it. Can't allow that type of behavior when we are all mixed together. He still pouts tho.

Jeni said...

That's Funny. I groom Rosie in front of Bonnie' stall. Bonnie insists on sticking her head out and playing "mare" games with Rosie, or nibbling on my back.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

My old Catana mare used to get very upset when I rode a different mare , Johnnie , she was OK with but not another mare!

BridgeEtta said...

I love a horse that's loves my attention. You're lucky.