feed, scoop, hug and run

We’ve only had a couple opportunities to ride this past week. Work, Football, and the never-ending Hockey commitments have once again taken over our lives. Koda and Nemo are growing up and seem to be doing okay with less riding, but it’s such a bummer to just feed, scoop, hug, and run. With that said, we wouldn’t miss our kid stuff. We just keep trying to find a balance. All horses do better when ridden consistently. As the days keep getting shorter, the balance will only be harder.

We squeaked a second ride in Tuesday – it was short and sweet, but well worth it. Warmed up with pasture riding, and wasted no time heading into the arena. I called it good when Koda gave me a full effort, once around the arena, with a half way decent lope both directions - even through the deep end. His lope wasn’t as pretty as when Patty (our trainer) rides him, but we are working on it.

Koda tries hard to avoid the north end of the arena. It is a newer section and the footing is deeper, not to mention it's the opposite end of the gate. I consistently have to work on keeping him wide, mostly to avoid us taking a digger. Not sure why, but I’m not much for hitting the dirt. We have been taking our rests at the deeper end. He seems more accepting of the extra effort it takes to ride through it, and breaks less. Looking forward to our next ride, in the deep end.


Jeni said...

I hear ya on the balance... It's HARD ! You're doing the right thing... work hard AWAY from area they don't like, then REST in that unliked area. They'll soon be begging to go there!


BridgeEtta said...

Enjoy those kids, they'll be gone sooner than you think. I still miss mine and the youngest is 30. Where does the time go?

aurora said...

It is hard. I keep reminding myself in a short three years my youngest of three will be an adult...and I'll have more time then I know what to do with.

We rode tonight, first time around Koda cut it short - but he figured it out right away, and the rest was a piece of cake :)

allhorsestuff said...

HI there !!!
Boy...with the blame computer going on the fritz and the accidents i have had...been some time for reading and visiting my freinds.
I have tons to catch up on here! I appreciate your nice visit and well wishes...though you are having so much fun with fall and horses and all of the balancing act!

Nice that there is an addition to the arena.
My sissy taught me to DISMOUNT in the areas the horse dislikes(scarey corners, far ends, open sides)..they will associate it with much nicer things that way!