winter spring summer or fall

Wisconsin has all the seasons going on this week. Actually all in one day. High around 70F today and low around 14F by tomorrow morning. In less than 24 hours. It is weird in February even for Wisconsin, and we are used to temperature swings in the Midwest. 

No one knows if it is Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. Not even Mother Nature.

I could go on about the implications of record high temps in February, but I won't. Instead I am heading outdoors for some fresh air, as my body continues trying to rid itself of this cold virus.

I will leave you with a video of Hope on another new morning walk-a-bout. She has gotten sticky feet coming in/out of the barn, so we are changing routines up.

Enjoy whatever weather you are having. One thing for sure, it will change. Especially here.

Hope at 10.5 months 2.22.24 (38 secs)

Video side notes: Taken from our deck. Harmony is the closest horse. You may notice mama Cierra walking upper pasture. Koda is of course, at far feeder. Nemo is inside waiting for his turn.

The dog you hear barking is Jameson (inside house). Tank takes his barn job seriously, and with joy! He knows the words "horse" and "barn" very well.


Marie Smith said...

It is zero and sunny here today without any wind. It felt like spring. We must enjoy it while we can!

Shirley said...

Oh it looks so much like spring there! We have -20 Celcius and a cold north wind. About 6 inches of snow where it isn't drifting. Can't wait to say goodbye to February!
Hope looks lovely, she is going to show very well.
Hope you get over that virus soon! I think it's probably the same one I had, it is a tough one to shake. Take lots of anti-oxidants.

TeresaA said...

Sounds like Nova Scotia! Right now we’re having warm temps and heavy rain. The temps are forecast to drop significantly after that. 🙄but hey we’re almost through February!

Val Ewing said...

I thought March and April were supposed to be the crazy weathers...

nope...it is February that really shook things up.

Looks like Hope sure is doing well. AND I hope you get over that yucky cold thing! Get better!
You know, that spring is getting closer!

Linda said...

70 degrees? Are you kidding me? That’s crazy weather. I don’t think we’ve ever had such drastic swings here. The most we can hope for is a balmy 50. Perhaps, 58 on a crazy year. Even when we went to Arizona, we didn’t get any days above 60’s. My husband is from Nebraska, and they get some crazy swings there. Sounds like the virus is a tenacious one. There’s something like that going around here, too. Several people have had lingering congestion. Get well.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Crazy weather all over. I enjoyed the video!